GDBBM – Chapter 1151

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Chapter 1151: “Blood for Blood (3)”

Just as the Prosper Country Chief Commander was happy in glee, from outside the Commander’s tent, a soldier came running in hurriedly.

“Report! !”

The Chief Commander lifted an eyebrow. “What?”

“Reporting Chief Commander! Four miles away from the camp, a large army has suddenly appeared!”

“Large army?” The Chief Commander thought for a moment and then said sneeringly: “Could it be the Condor Country has succeeded? That did not take them any time at all!”

“Did you manage to see which country’s army is that?” The Chief Commander said without showing any panic on his face. The Qi Kingdom had been reduced to become a spent force and throughout the entire lands of the Qi Kingdom, besides their four country allied armies, there weren’t any other significant sized armies, and he had no reason to fear his allies.

“I did not….. They are still a distance away and your subordinate could not see it clearly.”

“Doesn’t matter whether you saw them clearly. You’re dismissed.” The Chief Commander waved his hand dismissively at the soldier.

But before the Chief Commander’s voice had dropped, another soldier came rushing in anxiously.


“What is it this time!” The Chief Commander snapped impatiently.

“Your subordinate….. has….. verified the army’s identity…..” The look on the soldier’s face wasn’t looking too good.

“Oh? Which country?” The Chief Commander asked languidly, not even looking at the soldier, but just dragged up a lady prisoner and pulled her against him lecherously.

“It’s….. it’s….. the Fire Country…..”

“What! ?” In an instant, the Chief Commander’s face turned to shock as he threw the lady off him onto the ground, suddenly jumping to his feet.

“What did you say? Fi….. Fire Country! ? You are sure you saw it correctly? The army is from the Fire Country! ?” The Chief Commander’s teeth began to chatter. The Prosper Country among the various countries could only be considered to be a mid sized country, and were in no way comparable to the likes of large countries like the Condor Country.

If placed before the mightiest Fire Country….. they really wouldn’t even be fit to carry their shoes!

“Your subordinate is certain.” The soldier replied with absolute certainty.

The Chief Commander was immediately highly flustered.

“Why would the Fire Country’s army suddenly appear here? The Fire Country isn’t that near to the Qi Kingdom, out of the blue….. why had the Fire Country’s army come running into the lands of the Qi Kingdom?” The Chief Commander muttered as he paced nervously within the Commander’s tent.

The officer in the tent was also rather panicked and he said after thinking about it: “Could it be possible that the Condor Country invited them here? Afterall, the Condor Country has allied itself with us and the two other countries, could they…..”

“You’ve got to be joking! With just what the Condor Country is, you think they would be able to even get the Fire Country to mobilize their army! ?” The Chief Commander immediately shot down that conjecture. “Although the Fire Country and the Condor Country do not have much of a conflict between them, but they are definitely not on friendly terms. It is widely known that the Condor Country has always seeked to reign dominant but the Condor Country’s might is completely unable to contend with the Fire Country’s and that is why the Condor Country have always held themselves back. Unless the Fire Country’s Emperor is loony, or else, it is impossible that they will accept any such invitation from the Condor Country.”

“Then….. What is going on here…..” The officer asked with a shrug.

The Chief Commander was feeling highly uneasy and he pondered on it for awhile before seeming to have thought of something as he asked the soldier.

“Were you able to roughly see, how many men did the Fire Country have with them?”
“Er…..” The soldier was suddenly put on the spot and he thought about it for a moment before he said: “The Fire Country’s army was too large to gauge accurately but when your subordinate glanced over at them, at least….. At least in excess of a million!”

“WHAT! ! !” The Chief Commander was overtaken by shock and he fell back into his chair, his face immediately turning pale.

[More than a million!]

The Fire Country’s soldiers were known to be the toughest among the various countries and although not as maniacal as the Rui Lin Army where they could go one against ten, but their soldiers would at least still be able to easily achieve one against three!


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