GDBBM – Chapter 1137

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Chapter 1137: “Flames of War Rise (2)”

“Why would the Condor Country mobilize their military against the Qi Kingdom?” Jun Wu Xie asked with her eyes narrowed as the blood within her body felt as if they were about to congeal. Although the Qi Kingdom is strong and the Rui Lin Army a highly ferocious force, but to face against an attack on four fronts in a situation where the enemy soldiers from each country numbering more than the Qi Kingdom’s, Jun Wu Xie could not convince herself that the Qi Kingdom would be able to withstand such a maniacal invasion.

Lei Chen shook his head. “The reason for the Condor Country’s invasion is not known.”

“How is the situation in the Qi Kingdom now?” Jun Wu Xie asked, her words coming out in a torrent.

“Very pessimistic. The Condor Country had secretly liaised with the other three countries and the invasion had happened suddenly and they had attacked on the same day. Although the Qi Kingdom’s Emperor had tried hard to resist the onslaught, wanting to suppress the ferocious attack from the four countries, as they say two fists can’t defend against four hands, being surrounded on four sides, many have fallen and the much of their borders have been swallowed up by half. The Qi Kingdom now intends to pull back their forces to forgo parts of their borders and consolidate their strength, to retain power for a final battle. But from what I had seen, for the Qi Kingdom to push back the four country allied army this time, would be quite impossible.” Lei Chen said with a heavy sigh. With the Qi Kingdom, he respected their Rui Lin Army the most. But with just a hundred thousand Rui Lin Army soldiers, how could they possibly overcome the oppression from a enormous million soldier army?

The hand hidden within Jun Wu Xie’s sleeves were tightly clenched into fists, her nails digging deeply into the soft flesh of her palms. Her eyes were not flashing with icy frost and every single muscle on her was tensed up.

Lei Chen quietly observed Jun Xie’s reaction and what he saw surprised him. Jun Xie had always been calm and immovable but today, he saw that his eyes had changed completely.

“You came here to find me just to tell me this?” Jun Wu Xie turned to Lei Chen and asked with her eyes narrowed.

Lei Chen replied: “That is not the case. Your humble vassal has just one question. Would Your Majesty want us to rescue the Qi Kingdom from its quandary?”

Jun Wu Xie looked at Lei Chen coldly.

“What if I do.”

Lei Chen then said grandly: “The Qi Kingdom and the Fire Country had no dealings between them before. With the Qi Kingdom facing its calamity, the Fire Country has no reason to interfere. But if our ruler wants to mobilize our military to lend assistance, then our million strong army in the Fire Country awaits Your Majesty’s orders! As long as you are willing to rule! The Fire Country’s army will be yours to control!”

Lei Chen was taking a gamble. The Heavens have presented him with such a perfect opportunity, a chance to make Jun Xie accept the Fire Country’s throne willingly. Although Jun Xie held great power, but to fight against an army with a million soldiers, with just one person’s power and his several companions, would still be impossible.

Under these Heavens, the only thing that could resolve the desperate crisis of the Qi Kingdom, would only be the highly prosperous and mighty Fire Country with their ever ready million lions!

Jun Wu Xie stared at Lei Chen silently, and did not immediately respond. Her icy gaze swept over Lei Chen’s face. She understood that Lei Chen had tirelessly rushed all the way here personally to come to the Thousand Beast City, just to deliver this piece of news and present this exchange of conditions right before her, to have her choose.

To save the Qi Kingdom, she had to hold the might of the powerful military in her hands, and what she lacked most now, had been delivered to her by Lei Chen personally right before her eyes now.

Lei Xi and Lei Chen were kneeling side by side before Jun Xie and towards Lei Chen’s determination to stake everything on this one bet, Lei Xi was feeling highly nervous about it. He wasn’t too familiar with Jun Xie, and did not know the slightest about any relationship that Jun Xie would have with the Qi Kingdom. Why was his Royal Brother so certain that Jun Xie would agree to take on the mantle and become their Emperor because of the Qi Kingdom’s crisis?

Jun Wu Xie drew in a deep breath. “All of you would truly be willing to become the sword for me to hold in my hand?”

Upon hearing that, Lei Chen’s face immediately lit up with delight.


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