GDBBM – Chapter 1136

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Chapter 1136: “Flames of War Rise (1)”

Just as the night merriment was well underway, a team of people silently entered the city.

The guards from the gates immediately made their way towards the Heavenly Cloud Chambers to inform the various Clan Chiefs but as the wedding banquet was already more than halfway through, the Clan Chiefs had already fallen unconscious with drink and with no other choice left, they could only deliver the news to Qu Ling Yue who was sitting within the newlyweds’ conjugal room.

With Jun Xie’s grand reception of Qu Ling Yue as his bride, no one within the Thousand Beast City now dared to disrespect her.

Qu Ling Yue who was sitting alone within the room had immediately pulled her red veil off her head upon receiving the news and went nervously towards Jun Wu Xie’s room.

“Jun Xie! People from the Fire Country have arrived!” Qu Ling Yue shouted anxiously, as she stood outside the door.

The room door was opened and Jun Wu Xie appeared before Qu Ling Yue.

“Fire Country?” Jun Wu Xie was slightly surprised.

Qu Ling Yue nodded. “It seems to be Lei Chen and Lei Xi and they have brought their men as well. They said they need to see you for something urgent.”

Jun Wu Xie raised up an eyebrow and went silent for a moment before she said: “Got it. I’ll go see them now.”

It was a day of joyous celebration for the Thousand Beast City and she did not want the Fire Country’s military to come into the city. She immediately made her way towards the Thousand Beast City’s gates and Jun Wu Yao accompanied her.

Outside the city’s gates, Lei Chen was seated atop his tall horse, his good looking face traced with anxiety. He peered anxiously inside through the gates when finally, he saw the figure of Jun Xie appear!

“Royal Brother! It’s His Majesty!” Lei Xi exclaimed excitedly, as Lei Chen quickly jumped off his horse and without waiting for Jun Xie to come near, he hurried forward instead.

“Your humble vassal pays his respects to Your Majesty!” Lei Chen came before Jun Xie, and immediately fell to his knees to pay his respects.

Jun Wu Xie was already aware that after she left, the Fire Country had actually unilaterally plunked the crown upon her head but towards a throne forced upon her like this, she wasn’t the least bit interested.

“I am not your Majesty, and you do not have to pay respects to me.” Jun Wu Xie said coldly.

Lei Chen stood up, not bothered by Jun Xie’s cold indifference.

“Before Your Majesty refuses us, there is one matter I would like Your Majesty to understand first before deciding whether to be the Fire Country’s Emperor.”

“What is it?” Jun Wu Xie asked looking at Lei Chen.

Lei Chen explained: “Some days ago, we received news that four countries led by the Condor Country had officially initiated an invasion upon the Qi Kingdom!”

The moment Lei Chen’s words came out, Jun Wu Xie’s eyes immediately grew wide.

The Condor Country’s might in the Lower Realm, was inferior only to the Fire Country, recognized as the second mightiest country within the Lower Realm. But it was different from the Fire Country who was firmly entrenched as the supreme force. The Condor Country had always been working to annex its neighbouring smaller countries at its borders and they were very high handed in their ways, always showing their fondness to initiate a war. If not for the Fire Country stable and resilient might, the Condor Country would surely have already stretched their claws upon the lands of the Fire Country.

Just some time ago, the Condor Country had once again gathered together an allied army, to combine forces with the three other country neighbouring the Qi Kingdom, to invade into the Qi Kingdom from four different directions!

Jun Wu Xie’s head suddenly spun. The Rui Lin Army were undeniably strong, but faced with an attack from four separate armies, and their borders being invaded from four different sides, the impossibly steep and arduous predicament they were in was blatantly obvious!

“I remember that the Young Miss Jun you invited to our country from before was from the Lin Palace of the Qi Kingdom. The Rui Lin Army under the Lin Palace’s command is the Qi Kingdom’s primary force and I thought….. that you should know about this.” Lei Chen said as he looked at Jun Xie. He had travelled day and night with Lei Xi without stopping to rest, just to deliver this piece of news in the shortest time possible into the hands of Jun Xie, because he believed that the relationship between Jun Xie and Jun Wu Xie was not just one between mere acquaintances.

Knowing that the Lin Palace was in trouble, Jun Xie would definitely not just sit back and watch.

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