Five Way Heaven 34

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Chapter 34: Split Money

Loulan had told Ai Hui about the strange circumstance of his body after they had returned. Ai Hui was amazed. He was also very familiar with Misty Soul Grass. Although the Misty Soul Grass wasn’t really omnipotent in its usage to restrain sand golems, if a sand golem’s level wasn’t high enough, its restraining effect would be very obvious. Like yesterday, when the Misty Soul Grass was stuck on Loulan’s head, Loulan still was able to see, which was extremely shocking.

Ai Hui had always felt that Master Shao was very mysterious and very powerful, because certain aspects Loulan had would leave him immensely shocked. Ai Hui had seen many sand golems, but Loulan was the most unique out of them all.

“Master Shao said my body was made up of many concepts he had thought up himself. He didn’t expect that it would have this kind of result and also doesn’t know what I would become, because all of the techniques he used were all new. I’m an unknown entity. If I were to be exact, an experiment. Master Shao said that my behavior shocked him, he never thought that I would be able to fight. Regarding my current situation, Master Shao needs some time to think about it.”

After he finished speaking, Loulan seemed a bit happy. It was evident that shocking Master Shao had caused him to be relatively happy.

“Of course you can fight!” Ai Hui said with incomparable certainty: “I feel that you have the potential to become a high level battle sand golem!”

“Really, really?” Loulan said excitedly, like a child that had received a compliment.

“Of course!” Ai Hui suddenly thought of something, and said: “Oh right, we still have something we have yet to do.”

“What?” Loulan asked curiously.

As though he had been injected by chicken blood, Ai Hui, who seemed to be at his last gasp on the rattan chair, exuded a heroic air that not even his thick bandages could not obstruct: “Split money!”

“Split money?” Loulan didn’t understand.

“Of course we need to split the money, half the award money is yours.” Ai Hui said matter-of-factly.

Loulan was stunned, then said: “No need to split it, Loulan is a sand golem.”

“Who decided that sand golems don’t get a share?” Ai Hui asked matter-of-factly, then said shortly after: “Regardless of whether or not you’re a sand golem, we fought side by side as partners, so half the credit goes to you. It’s natural that half the money also goes to you as well, by right.”

Loulan stuttered: “But…”

“There’s nothing to but about!” Ai Hui said resolutely: “It’s decided then. We’ll always do it this way in the future. Hm, I won’t split the first hall’s hundred thousand with you, since I fought by myself. The second hall’s award money is five hundred thousand, so we’ll get two hundred fifty thousand each. Take it already, so I won’t hurt when I look at it! A hundred thousand plus two hundred fifty thousand, means I’ll have a total of three hundred fifty thousand!”

Ai Hui said excitedly. Three hundred fifty thousand was a huge sum of money he had never possessed before.

I’m rich, I’m rich!

His head was filled with those four words. Bowls and bowls of Elemental Repairing Soup fluttered past his eyes, and he couldn’t help but gulp due to the alluring aroma.

Ah, but it was quite sad that country bumpkins had never seen so much money before. Ai Hui asked with a trace of deliriousness: “Loulan, now that you have money, how do you plan to spend it?”

Loulan was a bit at a loss: “Don’t know…”

“You don’t even know how you’re going to spend money, haha. Loulan, you’re too silly…” Ai Hui said drowsily, his voice indistinct.

Loulan truly didn’t know. He never thought that he would get some of the money. Since he was born, he had always been in contact with lots of money, either when he was buying materials for Master Shao, buying groceries, and so on, but he’d never actually had money that solely belonged to him.

Even if he helped others, there wouldn’t be anyone who would give him money, because he was a sand golem. Weren’t sand golems helping humans a matter-of-fact?

But today, he had obtained his first sum of money, the first that solely belonged to him.

This sudden amount impacted him greatly. He involuntarily looked at Ai Hui. Ai Hui was fast asleep, and even while asleep, he was still moving his lips, as though he was eating something.

Loulan silently looked at Ai Hui, as the words earlier resounded in his mind.

“Regardless of whether or not you’re a sand golem, we fought side by side as partners, so half the credit goes to you. It’s natural that half the money also goes to you as well, by right…”

Partners, huh…

A kind of never before feeling surged in Loulan’s heart. He didn’t know how to describe this kind of feeling, but he felt would definitely remember this day forever.

Today, Loulan finally had his own money. Today, he was regarded as a partner, not a tool.

He felt like something he lacked was quietly being filled up, like the soil of an ice-cold wilderness given a wisp of nourishment.

In that instant, he clearly felt he had changed to become different than what he was previously.

He didn’t know how to describe this kind of change, but he knew that he was no longer the same as before.

“Huanghun, you’re not going to class today too?” His friends who were preparing to leave yelled toward the locked door.

Inside the room, Duanmu Huanghun’s face sat in front of the mirror. Seeing that his face was clearly still swollen with handprints, the corner of his eyes twitched, and he squeezed out two words between the gaps of his teeth: “No.”

“Then we’ll be leaving.”

His friends turned around to leave, chatting as they walked.

“What’s up with Huanghun these days? To actually not go to class, he never skipped class before!”

“Probably got sick, didn’t he catch a cold?”

“Oh right, seems like he’s still being tormented by the instructors in the Exemplary Wind Society, they’re seriously savage! Good thing we didn’t get in!”

“Forget it, we can’t even get in even if we wanted to, alright? You think anyone can be Huanghun? Handsome, adored by women, and super talented? He’s the number one genius of our Interpine City!”


Duanmu Huanghun’s complexion turned ashen. At this moment, he wished he could cover his eyes, because he had heard his friend’s comments. Seeing the bloated face in the mirror, each and every word was like a knife stabbing into his chest.

Stupid cold! He’d actually been knocked unconscious by that guy. He felt his face heat up.

Thinking about getting humiliated in that kind of manner to treat his cold by that repulsive bastard Ai Hui, he felt his face heat up.

Thinking about how all those women were pointing at him on the street that day, his face almost boiled!

Unsure whether it was his own misconception, but he felt that the face in the mirror looked even more swollen that just a moment ago, morphing into a steamed bun. His graceful handsome chin could no longer been seen, all five of his facial features had completely changed shape, and his enchanting eyes had become lightbulb-like eyes.

Too humiliating!

Too shameful!

This hatred was absolutely irreconcilable. Just you wait, Ai Hui, I, Duanmu Huanghun will never let you off!

Right at this time, someone’s shout suddenly came from outside the window: “I heard Duanmu Huanghun is Interpine City’s number one expert! I am Gu Tianning, and I seek to challenge you. Do you dare to accept my challenge?”

Duanmu Huanghun’s body stiffened.

“Student Duanmu Huanghun, don’t tell me that you don’t even have the courage to fight? You’ve truly disappointed me!” The voice sounded to have come from very far away.

Duanmu Huanghun trembled all over from rage, but when he saw the swollen face in the mirror, all of his urges immediately disappeared without a trace. If he came out looking like that, he’ll become Interpine City’s biggest laughingstock.

Ai Hui, just you wait!!

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