Five Way Heaven 33

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Chapter 33: Reaction

Shi Xueman continuously broke twenty-six wood piles with her hands and shattered thirty-seven iron plates before finally stopping while panting for breath.

She wiped her face full of sweat. Venting out her feelings this way eased the pent-up anger in her heart. She was previously rather pleased with the idea of a blind battle, but she never thought that reality would give her a resounding slap to the face.

Ever since she had run into that bastard last time, Shi Xueman felt like it was then that she began walking on the path of misfortune where everything had become unsatisfactory.

She saw Uncle Yong Zheng hurriedly run over, and couldn’t help but falter in her steps, as a sliver of anticipation was raised in her heart. Could it be news of that bastard?

“My lady, I just received news earlier that Young Master Zu Yan has been beaten unconscious in a training hall.”

Shi Xueman was stunned for a while, before recovering her senses: “Ah, Zu Yan? He was beaten unconscious? How is he now?”

She had known Zu Yan since she was young, their two families’ relationship wasn’t too bad, so he could be considered a family friend. Zu Yan was younger than her by two years, and in her eyes, he had always been a wimpy brat. Since childhood, he had always followed behind her like a bum beetle. She never thought that his innate talent would reveal itself after he grew up a little, and he would actually become the first person of the Zu family’s oung generation who would comprehend their 【Fire Net Sky Spider Transformation】.

From then on, Shi Xueman rarely saw him anymore. He was probably shut in at home cultivating. As the sole scion of the new generation, Zu family attached great importance to him, and definitely wanted him to surpass others. Shi Xueman was also the same on this point. But she was much more sensible, she gave herself relatively high standards and didn’t need others to supervise or urge her on. In fact, her family didn’t put much restrictions on her.

Yong Zheng said: “Zu family has brought people over to bring him back.”

“Then that’s good.” Shi Xueman breathed a sigh of relief. Then, her expression soon became grave: “Where is the opponent from?”

“We’re not sure yet. Lately, there have been many experts who have come to Interpine City to experience blind competitions.” Yong Zheng continued: “At the moment, we only know that the other party is an earth elementalist and has a very smart sand golem. He defeated Young Master Zu Yan in a blind competition.”

“Blind competition?” Shi Xueman was shocked. She first thought it was that bastard from last time, but if the opponent was an earth elementalist, then that wouldn’t be right. Shi Xueman remembered every detail of her exchange with that guy very clearly. Even though she was unable to judge her opponent’s identity, she was certain that the other party was not an earth elementalist.

Besides, even if it was that bastard, there was no way he could’ve defeated Zu Yan in a blind battle.

Shi family and Zu family were long time friends. Shi Xueman was much more knowledgeable about Zu family’s absolute art than any ordinary person. She had heard of the fact that Zu Yan opened two halls long ago. For 【Fire Net Sky Spider Transformation】, s long as one had opened two halls, then they could learn 【Earthfire Spiderweb】. Using the 【Earthfire Spiderweb】 that could read every slight movement within their surroundings, they would be just like a spider. It was truly an effective weapon for blind battles.

It could even be said that blind competitions were tailor-made for Zu Yan.

In normal circumstances, Shi Xueman typically had an eighty percent chance of winning against Zu Yan, but if it was a blind battle, Shi Xueman knew that she would definitely end in defeat.

Zu Yan was actually defeated by someone in a blind battle!

And was even beaten unconscious!

It was obvious how shocked Shi Xueman was in her heart. She searched through all the powerful earth elementalists that were within the Induction Ground in her mind, wondering which one was able to defeat Zu Yan in a blind battle. There were many earth element students that were stronger than Zu Yan, but when it came to defeating Zu Yan in a blind battle, she really didn’t know who it could be.

She gradually calmed from her shock, and said: “This is also a good for him, else he’ll get arrogant.”

Yong Zheng glanced at his lady, and secretly laughed wryly. When he had first heard the news, he was also shocked still. The current Interpine City could be described as a turbulent time. He had lived here for many years, and was already accustomed to Interpine City’s tranquility. In the Induction Ground, Interpine City was a small place that didn’t have many experts.

The sudden rise of blind competitions gave Interpine City a different kind of change.

It could be imagined that Zu Yan’s defeat to unconsciousness and news of the mysterious earth elementalist would spread really quickly. When that happened, it was very likely to cause even more experts to come visit. Furthermore, such a grand character like his lady was hidden in his training hall. If this were to be known by the outside world, then Interpine City would really become quite lively.

Alright, all this wasn’t what he should be worried about anyway.

Thinking again, about how the idea of a blind competition an idea he thought up, he wryly laughed again.

Shi Xueman suddenly said: “Go ask around about this earth elementalist.”

Yong Zheng nodded: “Yes.”

The news of Zu Yan being defeated by a mysterious earth elementalist quickly spread throughout the entire Interpine City. This was because Zu Yan was just too famous! Even though Zu Yan was only in the two hall realm, and wasn’t considered much in the Induction Ground, possessing 【Fire Net Sky Spider Transformation】, an absolute art, was enough.

Zu family was a long-established family. In every generation of disciple who have comprehended 【Fire Net Sky Spider Transformation】, none were not powerhouses after the age of thirty. Zu Yan had already revealed his shocking innate talent, and his current strength was only limited due to his age. Comprehending an absolute art at such a young age cause many people to believe that his future prospects would be even more brighter than the rest.

And an absolute art was an absolute art. Even if he had only opened two halls, Zu Yan’s strength was no less inferior to students who had opened four halls.

As he entered the Induction Ground wearing the halo of Zu family’s young generation’s number one, even though Zu Yan wasn’t a household name, his reputation had surpassed any other student within the Induction Ground.

Even the fame of Interpine City’s number one genius Duanmu Huanghun was not even close to Zu Yan’s.

It was obvious how much of a sensation Zu Yan’s defeat in Interpine City would bring. The entire city all talked about who this mysterious earth elementalist was, and this effect was not limited to within Interpine City; once many other outstanding students from other cities heard of Interpine City’s unique blind battles, they came over in great interest.

No one knew about how miserable Ai Hui and Loulan, the leading characters of this entire event, were.

Splash. Loulan slipped down from the wall like quicksand.

“Ai Hui, how do you feel?”

Loulan, who was still in his quicksand state slid to Ai Hui’s side. Ai Hui’s appearance looked even more miserable, he was wrapped head to toe in white bandages, and looked remarkable like a mummy with his right arm suspended on his chest.

In the main hall of the training hall, Ai Hui, who half reclined on a rattan chair was chewing on grass. He said indistinctly: “Terrible, through and through. Loulan, are you okay?”

“Master Shao said that Loulan’s body can only stand up again after three days, before then, I can’t help Ai Hui treat his injuries.” Loulan said: “Ai Hui, do you you want to find a wood element doctor to help treat your wounds first?”

“No need.” Ai Hui answered: “I’m not in a hurry anyway. I’ll just wait for you after three days to heal me. I’m poor!”

“Okay.” Loulan didn’t oppose as the quicksand climbed up the pillar beside Ai Hui like a snake, up to around the height of Ai Hui’s head.

“Loulan, thank you so much for yesterday.” Ai Hui suddenly uttered.

“Why is Ai Hui thanking Loulan? Isn’t this normal?” Loulan asked with a bit of confusion.

“I’m talking about not forgetting the award money.” Ai Hui’s eyes looked toward the sky, as his mouth repeated: “So much money! I’m rich, rich!”

The award money he got from fighting Zu Yan yesterday was indeed a very generous amount, it was five hundred thousand, and to Ai Hui, it was a huge sum of money.

“We won.” Loulan said in a tone brimming with joy. Being able to achieve victory in his very first real battle made him incomparably happy. Furthermore, nothing else could satisfy Loulan more because he had played a very important role in it as well.

Ai Hi suddenly asked in concern: “Oh right, what did Master Shao say about your body?”

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