Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 95

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Chapter 95: The monkeys are too hospitable

Achoo!  Achoo!

Huo Ling on Ye Yu Xi’s shoulder gave two sneezes like a human, shaking the feathers on his body.  He said in a very cute voice through his mind to Ye Yu Xi, “Master, master, I sneezed. There was an evil bastard saying bad things about this treasure!”

Ke!  Ye Yu Xi had an awkward expression as her body keeled over.  Taking in two deep breaths, she concealed the fluctuations of her mind and replied, “Huo Ling, who did you learn that language from!”

Huo Ling replied very honestly, “I learned from that damn fatty.  I heard him often say this to big sister Qing’er.”

Hu, hu!

Ye Yu Xi made up her mind, she would let Huo Ling stay away from the fatty from now on.  She couldn’t allow this cute child be raised wrong by this fatty’s bad mouth!

The fatty walking at the front of the team suddenly felt a chill run down his back, as if someone was plotting against him.  It had only been for an instant, but the fatty’s shoulders unconsciously felt uncomfortable as he muttered in his heart: Who was secretly plotting against this fat master!

Shaking his head, he continued following the little monkey into the depths of the forest.

Ye Yu Xi’s group of six followed the little monkey for close to two hours and they arrived at the monkeys’ gathering place by dusk.

The fatty saw quite a few adult Purple Thunder Monkeys standing on the branch watching them from the distance.  Those eyes did not have any hostility and even had a bit of expectations!

“Yo, hello brothers!”  The fatty was very friendly as he followed the little monkey forward.  He was greeting the adult Purple Thunder Monkeys on both side, like he was reviewing an army.

The little fox walked past the surrounding monkeys and led Ye Yu Xi’s group to a relatively flat space.  It finally stopped and stood in front of a few elder Purple Thunder Monkeys.

Zhi, zhi!  Zhi, zhi!

An adult Purple Thunder Monkey moved beside the fatty with two steps and reached out a claw, raising a rabbit in front of the fatty.  Looking at the rabbit, it should have died recently…..

The fatty was stunned, but he immediately understood before giving a laugh, “Look, this fat master’s fame is well known.  The Purple Thunder Monkeys are this courteous to this fat master, giving me gifts when greeting me.”

The fatty was smiling as he took the rabbit from the Purple Thunder Monkey and showing it off to Qing’er beside him.  He kept bragging about it, “Qing’er, how about it. Doesn’t this fat master have enough face?”

Zhi, zhi!

The Purple Thunder Monkey elder beside the little monkey called out to Ye Yu Xi a few times.

Ye Yu Xi looked at Huo Ling and Huo Ling quickly translated it.

Hearing Huo Ling’s translation, Ye Yu Xi nodded.

Zhi, zhi, zhi, zhi!

Seeing Ye Yu Xi nod, the Purple Thunder Monkey elder shouted out.  The surrounding several hundred Purple Thunder Monkeys shouted along with it, looking very excited.

Ye Yu Xi smilled to the fatty, “Fatty, it’s your turn.”

“Un?”  The fatty currently bragging to Qing’er how great he was was stunned.  My turn? What turn? Although I am very handsome, I didn’t say I would give a performance.

Shua, shua, shua!  Hua la, hua la!

Across the grass, the Purple Thunder Monkeys in the branches all charged at the fatty!


Several hundred adult Purple Thunder Monkeys surrounded the fatty and reached out their paws.  Each Purple Thunder Monkey had a large or small rabbit in their hands.


When the fatty saw this scene, he jumped up over a meters on the spot!

He bragged to the Qing’er and the others, “Too courteous, these monkeys are too courteous.  These several hundred rabbits, its enough to eat for an entire year.”

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