Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 94

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Chapter 94: Huo Ling is finally useful

Ye Yu Xi actually revealed a rare smile, “Secret.”

Huo Ling stood on Ye Yu Xi’s shoulder looking at the fatty and also chirping at the fatty, but it was unknown what he was saying.

When the fatty heard Huo Ling’s chirps, his body shivered.  He suddenly thought of how the boss had him treat Huo Ling to a meal and Huo Ling had made these same chirps.  He wouldn’t have to treat Huo Ling to another meal, right!

In his mind, there was the glorious memory of bringing Huo Ling to the pharmacies of Ningyuan City.  The fatty immediately caught up to Ye Yu Xi, “Boss, boss, don’t walk so fast, speak with me. I’m very panicked when hearing Huo Ling’s chirping.  Tell me clearly, I can’t afford it if you want me to treat him to another meal!”

Ye Yu Xi looked at the fatty’s pained expression, “Relax, you’re not treating Huo Ling to a meal.”

“Oh, then that’s fine.”  The fatty calmed down, but he immediately reacted to this.  That’s wrong, there were meanings behind the boss’ words. It wasn’t treating Huo Ling to a meal, but I still have to treat someone!  He quickly asked, “Boss, if I’m not treating Huo Ling, then who am I treating!”

Zhi, zhi, zhi, zhi.

When the little monkey in leading the way in front heard the fatty’s words and turned around.  It used its paw to point to itself and made an eating action. The meaning of that was clearly saying you’re treating me to a meal.

The fatty was stunned, but he reacted and understood the little monkey’s meaning.  His heart finally relaxed, thinking in his heart, how much could a single monkey eat?

Ye Yu Xi looked at the little monkey and a question suddenly entered her mind.  This little monkey, can it understand the human language?

“Huo Ling, come over.”  Ye Yu Xi waved at Huo Ling flying in the air and let it fall down on her shoulder.

Huo Ling used his beak to clean his feathers, “Master, I’m not hungry, I don’t need to eat.”

Ye Yu Xi: “……”

“Master, did I say something wrong…..”  Huo Ling saw the speechless Ye Yu Xi and his small eyes blinked at her.

“No.  Go and ask the monkey if it can understand the human language.  Don’t normal spirit beasts not understand the human language?”

Huo Ling flew in front of the little monkey and chirped as he conversed with the little monkey.

When the fatty and the others saw Huo Ling chirping in front of them and the little monkey responding to Huo Ling with squeaks, the fatty said to Qing’er on the side with a strange expression, “Qing’er, don’t you think Huo Ling and the little monkey’s words are different?  Are they saying the same language?”

Qing’er rolled her eyes at the fatty, “Why do you care so much.”


After a while, Huo Ling flew back with an excited expression.

Before he even flew in front of Ye Yu Xi, he happily reported, “Master, master, good news!”

Un?  Ye Yu Xi’s heart skipped a beat.  To have Huo Ling deem it as good news, there weren’t many things like that!

“Master, the little monkey just said that they gradually evolved after eating a kind of fruit.  At first they couldn’t understand the human language, but because their strength kept increasing, they could slowly understand the human language.”


Ye Yu Xi’s eyes lit up.  Although there were pharmacies in Ningyuan City that could sell herbs, they were all ordinary items.  At most they could be used to make a grade one pill and most of them were used by doctors to cure illnesses.  To buy some higher grade herbs, one had to go to the main city sector.

As for herbs of the heaven and earth treasure grade, one could only hope to buy them from auction halls.  But even like this, over the last decade, the three auction halls of Ningyuan City had not sold a single heaven and earth treasure, at least not one that could allow a spirit beast evolve.

Thinking of this, Ye Yu Xi’s mood was much better.  She never thought this cultivation trip into the mountains would allow her to meet this kind of treasure.  Huo Ling’s performance also made Ye Yu Xi very satisfied. This little fellow who only knew how to cry and eat finally had a use, he could at least be a translator!

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