Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 895

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Chapter 895: Familiar feeling (Part 2)

After having lunch with Nangong Ying Xue and the others, Ye Yu Xi went to the auction alone.

Ye Yu Xi was not interested in the auction for the freshmen, so Ye Yu Xi went to the other auction.

It had to be said, Sun Mound City was far above the Ice Mist Country.  A single auction had an entrance fee of one million!

If you didn’t have one million in your gold card, you couldn’t even enter the auction.

The things inside as you can imagine, there were a few things that started at a price of five million.

The Profound Dark Auction Hall.

Ye Yu Xi was allowed in after showing the staff member a card with over ten million gold coins.

The auction hall was luxuriously decorated and just the lobby took over a thousand square meters.  Although it was wide, it could only seat seven hundred people at most.  Each set was separate with a chair and a tea table.  The light was also dim, so one couldn’t see the people around them.

Ye Yu Xi found a corner to sit in and quietly waited for the auction to start.

Since Ye Yu Xi came in, there was a gaze that had been following her.

“I never thought that she would be here.”  The owner of this gaze was Qi Yu Ze who Ye Yu Xi had met in the Treasure Pavilion!

When Ye Yu Xi sat down, Qi Yu Ze looked away.

People came in and the spiritual energy fluctuations coming from them were not weak.  The lowest was in the sixth spiritual level and there were even in the peak eighth spiritual level.

“Look, it seems like it’s them.”

“Why are they here?  Haven’t they not shown themselves in a long time!”

Several people at the entrance saw the old man who came in and discussions were started.

Ye Yu Xi followed the sound and narrowed her eyes, these clothes…..

There were two people standing at the door with hidden faces and their bodies were covered in cloaks!

Ninth spiritual level experts!

Ye Yu Xi’s eyes revealed a serious look.


A pair of sharp gazes came from under the cloak to look over the hall before falling quiet.

“Let’s sit over there.”  One of the mysterious people said in a low voice.

The other nodded and they sat in the front row.

Under the weak light, the grey and black cloaks were very conspicuous.

Ye Yu Xi watched them from afar and there was a familiar feeling from them.

The people in the hall looked at these two in fear.  It seemed like this costume was famous in Sun Mound City.


The lights dimmed and a loud voice sounded, “Welcome to our Profound Dark Auction Hall, we hope that everyone will be happy today!”

Ye Yu Xi pupils slightly dilated as she adapted to the darkness around her.

On the brightly lit auction stage, someone had already brought up a cage.

Several dozen mental energies swept over the cage which included Ye Yu Xi.

“Auctions all seem to operate the same……”  Ye Yu Xi revealed a helpless smile.  There was a slave inside the cage.

Under the praise of the auctioneer, the eighth spiritual level slave was sold for three million.

The auction continued as normal and Ye Yu Xi didn’t make a bid during this time.  After more than ten bids, a servant came up to whisper in the ear of the auctioneer.

“Everyone, we have some big news.  There will be an item added today that has a starting price of ten million gold coins!”


The hall exploded.

“Hey!  What is this expensive?”

“That’s right, tell us the name.  Quickly bring the thing out.”

The crowd called out, calling a price before bringing out the item was rarely seen.

The auctioneer revealed a mysterious smile before calling out, “The next item is the Ice Crystal Fire Phoenix Remains!  The starting price is ten million!  Each bid must increase by at least a hundred thousand.”

Phoenix remains!

Ye Yu Xi’s breathing became tense.

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