Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 864

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Chapter 864: Chu Tian Che’s past (Part 3)


Chu Tian Che’s fists unconsciously clenched.

“What do you want to say?”  Chu Tian Che looked at Ye Yu Xi with uncertainty flashing in his eyes.

“You are an ambitious person, it’s a coincidence that I’m the same.  For this Alchemist Academy, you’ve been here for three years, so you should know it better than me.  I need an older student like you.”  Ye Yu Xi looked right at Chu Tian Che.

Ye Yu Xi could feel that under Chu Tian Che’s lazy appearance, there was an unwilling heart.

“You want to create a guild?”  A bit of understanding appeared on Chu Tian Che’s face, “Do you know how many guilds there are in the school?  Do you know how the freshmen guilds are suppressed?”

Ye Yu Xi shook her head, “I don’t know what you’re talking about, but no matter how strong the seniors are, didn’t the Thousand Pain Hall appear two years ago?”

Ye Yu Xi’s lips curled into a playful smile.

Thousand Pain Hall…..

A hint of melancholy flashed in Chu Tian Che’s eyes as he gave a snort, “The academy is the world of the five great guilds, without a family background as strong as theirs, I urge you to give up this idea.”

“I don’t have a strong background, I just know that everything I want is what I will take for myself.”  Ye Yu Xi’s tone was determined.

“Everyone has said these big words before.  I’ve seen countless freshmen enter the school like you, but after they enter the academy and face the five big mountains, all of them willingly surrender.”

“There are people who will not surrender.  For example, Chu TIan Che, with your ability, after the Thousand Pain Hall was dissolved, there should have been countless forces that scouted you.  But according to what I know, after a year, you are still acting alone.”  Ye Yu Xi looked at Chu Tian Che’s lazy look and slowly said, “If you say that you don’t want to stand up again, I!  Won’t!  Believe!”

“Rise again?”  Chu Tian Che recalled the words Liu Meng Ying had said before leaving.

When I fell in love with you, it was because of your talent and your strength.  Now, you are just someone defeated by others.  You, Chu Tian Che aren’t worthy of me, Liu Meng Ying.

Chu Tian Che was silent.  Right, rising again, he may have really had this idea, but only facing the five great guilds does one know how terrifying they were.  With his strength in the eighth spiritual level, when facing them, he couldn’t even last ten rounds.”

“Men should have responsibilities.  Even if it isn’t for yourself, you should think of your juniors.”  Ye Yu Xi captured every action Chu Tian Che made.

Chu Tian Che’s eyes gradually cleared as he looked up at Ye Yu Xi, “I rejected them, do you think I have a reason to choose you?”

“The Thousand Pain Hall will still belong to you, I don’t want it.  I just need to cooperate with someone.”  Ye Yu Xi’s face was very relaxed.

Ye Yu Xi naturally knew that Chu Tian Che wouldn’t work her for, what Ye Yu Xi needed was a partner.

“Cooperation?”  Chu Tian Che’s dark look had already faded, “The academy relies on strength.”

“How about we make a bet?  If I win, you and your Thousand Pain Hall will join my Blood Enchantress.  If you win, our Blood Enchantress will be your servants without complaint.”  Ye Yu Xi’s beautiful eyes sparkled as her voice was filled with temptation.

Chu Tian Che’s eyes lit up as they looked over Ye Yu Xi.

“I am in the peak eighth spiritual level and you’re in the trivial intermediate seventh spiritual level, do you think you can win?”

“It’s more challenging doing impossible things, don’t you think?”  Ye Yu Xi’s hand lit up with spiritual energy and a bunch of Space Rings appeared in her hand, “These rings came from the older students, I think you should know how many things are in here.  As long as you win, these will all be yours.”

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