Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 70

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Chapter 70: Master, don’t stop!

The fatty stood there as his hair went crazy!  He was cursing in his mind. God damn, Huo Ling really ate a year and a half of my money.  This fat master will really go bankrupt!

They ate a simple meal, but Ye Yu Xi did not eat a lot.  Because of the chaotic space, Ye Yu Xi did not need to sleep at all, so she entered the space as soon as she returned to her room.

Putong, putong!

Ye Yu Xi entered the chaotic space to see Huo Ling flying wildly above the platform, even slamming into the bookshelves and the stone platform itself.  The grey feathers of his had an extra bit of red to it.

“What’s going on?”  Ye Yu Xi saw Huo Ling’s strange appearance and felt that something was wrong.

Huo Ling opened his mouth, but couldn’t speak even if he wanted to since his body was strangely uncomfortable.  Flapping his wings, he slammed into the mist surrounding them and disappeared.

Ye Yu Xi fell deep in thought.  Huo Ling would always call master, master when she came inside in the past, but today he ignored her.  Watching Huo Ling charge into the mist, she couldn’t follow him and she didn’t want to. She had other stuff to do since she still hadn’t made those five pills yet.

Hong, hong!

Spiritual energy was turned into flames.

After two hours, a batch of pill was formed.  There were ten of them and not a single one was a failure, but their quality did not increase.

Did she really have to go look for Bai Jin Yi?

When Ye Yu Xi was thinking, there was a fluctuation that come from the air behind her.

Un?  Ye Yu Xi raised her vigilance and turned to look, finding that it was Huo Ling.

Huo Ling moved strangely fast and his body and figure turned into a shadow, diving into the pill furnace.

Hong, hong, hong!

The spiritual energy in the cauldron turned into flames as it burned violently.

Huo Ling!  Ye Yu Xi unconsciously wanted to extinguish the flames, but she immediately remembered that Huo Ling was not afraid of flames!

She watched as Huo Ling was enveloped in flames in the cauldron.  There was nothing strange like before, it was like he was taking a spiritual fire bath.

“Master, master, don’t stop.”  Huo Ling bathing in the flames felt the flames around him become weaker, so he quickly spoke to his master.

A drop of sweat fell from Ye Yu Xi’s chin.  It had already been an entire four hours and Huo Ling was still bathing in the flames.  Ye Yu Xi had been feeding spiritual energy for an entire four hours and most of the spiritual energy within her had already been spent.

Looking at Huo Ling looking like he wouldn’t stop, Ye Yu Xi gritted her teeth and swallowed the ten pills she made earlier like eating sugar beans.


Ye Yu Xi’s spiritual energy was instantly raised by the pills and the spiritual energy fire in her hand involuntarily became stronger.

The fire in the cauldron became stronger and Huo Ling raised his head high up.


A long bird’s cry came from within the cauldron.

Ye Yu Xi could feel the spiritual energy in her body wildly pouring out like a spring!

What was happening!  Ye Yu Xi was astonished.  It was like the spiritual energy within her was not being controlled by her as it kept pouring out, being used to maintain the roaring flame inside the cauldron.


The bronze cauldron shook as the spiritual energy was scattered, extinguishing the flames inside.  Huo Ling appeared from the cauldron and his body was a bit different from before.

Hu!  Ye Yu Xi took a long breath.  She looked over Huo Ling and her eyes instantly went wide, “Huo Ling, you evolved?”

“That’s right master.  You also noticed!” Huo Ling used his beak to sort out his feathers.  The previous Huo Ling was grey feathered, looking like a swallow, not good looking at all.  However, now Huo Ling’s feathers were snow white that did not have a trace of impurity at all.

Ye Yu Xi looked at the flawlessly white Huo Ling, “Did you obtain some new abilities?”

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