Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 7

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Chapter 7: My territory is not a place for you to run wild in!

Ye Yu Xi’s body was just like a ghost as she crossed over the wall.

Qing’er’s cultivation was not that different compared to the previous her.  Once she fell into the third madame’s hands, it would be hard for her to keep her life.

In less than a minute, Ye Yu Xi arrived outside of the thatched cabin’s fence.

Without even entering the small courtyard, an insulting voice rang out in her ear.

“Cheap girl, stop pretending to be stupid.  Talk! Where has your wasted master gone!”

“The young miss did not come back yesterday.  Why don’t you let me down and I’ll go find her for you?”  Even though Qing’er’s hands had been captured, her little eyes kept looking all around.

“If you tell me, then I’ll let you return to the Ye Manor’s main house.  At that time, you won’t need to eat pig slop every day and your life will be a thousand times better.”  The third madame stared at Qing’er that was being held up. This girl was not very old, so she was easy to trick.

“Alright, alright, I was tired of eating those kinds of meals long ago!  But I really don’t know, beating my to death is no use!” Qing’er said this, but her eyes were open wide as she looked out at the fence.

Ye Yu Xi felt a warm sensation in her heart, “She’s really a silly girl.”  Qing’er’s cultivation was not high, but she had done her best for her master over all these years.

The third madame saw Qing’er being stubborn and her expression turned ugly.  She said to the two old maids holding Qing’er in a fierce voice, “Slap her for me!  Break all her teeth!”

“Don’t~~”  Qing’er desperately shook her head making it seem like she was begging for mercy, but she was actually telling Ye Yu Xi who was walking over to run away!


A resounding slap rang out.


The two old maids were sent flying and they smashed into the walls of the thatched cabin.  The power was too much for them that the two old maids both spat out a mouthful of blood. One of them wasn’t strong enough and was actually killed!

Ye Yu Xi had suddenly disappeared and had given the third madame a large slap.  Then she sent the two old maids holding Qing’er flying with two incredibly quick kicks.

She was so fast that Qing’er, the third madame, and the others could not see Ye Yu Xi’s movements.

Ye Yu Xi coldly looked at the third madame, “This is my territory, so you’re not allowed to run wild here!”

“That’s right!”

Although Qing’er could not see what happened, she still instantly reacted.  She ran to the old maid lying by the thatched cabin’s wall and punched and kicked her, “Grabbing my hair and tearing my clothes, I’ll kick this old fool to death.”

Hearing Qing’er words, Ye Yu Xi was a little speechless, but she had to admit that this little girl knew how to judge the situation.

The third madame held her cheek.  She had been spoiled her whole life with beautiful clothes and food, when had she ever been slapped like this!  Seeing the ruthless manner Ye Yu Xi displayed, she shouted at the old maids beside her, “What are you standing there for?  Grab this waste for me! I want this waste chopped pieces and fed to the dogs!”

“Young miss, run quickly!  I’ll block them!” Qing’er unconsciously ran in front of Ye Yu Xi and used her little body to protect her.

Seeing that Ye Yu Xi was not moving at all, Qing’er finally realized that the young miss was the one that had sent the two old maids flying.  She blinked her eyes in embarrassment and said, “Then…..Young miss, you can continue.” After she finished, Qing’er turned around and continued to retaliate against the bodies of the two old maids.

Ye Yu Xi patted Qing’er’s shoulder and said in a gentle but strong voice, “Qing’er, from today on, no one will be bully us sisters.  Even the emperor will not be able to do so!”

“Un!”  Qing’er forcefully nodded and then ran off into the corner.  Then she began to vent her anger again, “You people stole away the young miss’ spending money, you really are shameless!”

Ye Yu Xi rushed at the two old maids in front of her without touching the ground.

Using her little hands, her white palms slapped down onto the two old maids’ shoulders.


The two old maids gave pitiful cries and were knocked down from mid air by Ye Yu Xi’s palms.

Ye Yu Xi used one palm for each person and the two old maids’ heads slammed into the ground, dying on the spot.

Just like throwing out garbage, the bodies of the two old maids were thrown away by Ye Yu Xi.

Ye Yu Xi looked at the third madame with a cold gaze, “Whose teeth did you want to break?”

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