Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 6

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Chapter 6: Don’t force me to rob you

The Ye Manor’s guards soon discovered the kitchen fire and they quickly called for water as everyone began to run around in circles.

Ye Yu Xi relied on her years of borrowed memories and came to a remote loft.

The plaque of the loft was written in powerful and large words saying “Treasure Storing Loft”.

“Stop!  This is a protected family area, no one is allowed to enter!”

How could there be no one guarding an important place like this?  When the two family guards at the door noticed Ye Yu Xi, they immediately blocked the exit.

Ye Yu Xi raised her head and narrowed her eyes, “I am the Ye Manor’s young miss!  In this Ye Manor, is there a place I cannot go!”


When the blue clothed guard heard Ye Yu Xi say that she was the young miss, they pointed at Ye Yu Xi while laughing as they said, “It’s the young miss, then of course you’re not allowed to enter!  The entire Ye Manor knows that the thing the young miss eats are all things left over from the pig sty!  Ha, ha.”

Ye Yu Xi gave a gentle laugh and she looked the guard in front of her, “Kneel down and break one of your hands.  I won’t kill you if you do it.”


This time, the one who laughed was the other yellow clothed guard.  Seeing Ye Yu Xi’s vicious look, he couldn’t hold it in any longer, “Young miss Ye must have eaten too much slop that she’s now spouting nonsense.  We two brothers are at the third spiritual level and with your wasted first spiritual level cultivation, even if we stand here for you, you still can’t hurt us.”

The blue clothed guard had laughed enough.  He looked at Ye Yu Xi’s body and revealed a lewd smile.  Then he winked at the yellow clothed guard, “Young miss Ye, since the second elder became the head of house, you haven’t come to the treasure storage in a while.  We haven’t seen you in several years and young miss Ye’s body is quite hot now. It’s very hard for us two brothers to stand guard here, please help reward us!”

The yellow clothed guard also revealed a greedy look as his eyes lit up from sweeping up and down Ye Yu Xi’s body, “Young miss, as long as you wait on us properly today, every three days, we will tell the kitchen to send you some leftovers.  How about that!”

Seeking death!

Ye Yu Xi narrowed her eyes and was too lazy to say anything.  In an instant, she appeared in front of the two guards that did not know life and death.



Right as the blue clothed guard said a single word, Ye Yu Xi’s fist hit his neck and snapped his throat.

With a sweep of her leg, she kicked the yellow clothed guard in the chest.

Another kacha sound rang out.

The yellow clothed guard’s chest collapsed and blood spouted out from his mouth.  The air he took in was much less than the air coming out.

Seeing the dead guards on the ground, Ye Yu Xi lips twitched.  I did give you a chance.

Ye Yu Xi who only wanted to steal a few things was now going to take everything.


Ye Yu Xi kicked down the door to the treasure storage room.

What greeted her was a large amount of herbs all stored on wooden shelves!  Ye Yu Xi placed them all into the chaotic space.

Moving to the back, a bronze pot caught Ye Yu Xi’s gaze.

“Medicinal cauldron?”

Ye Yu Xie looked at the bronze cauldron in front of her.  She already had many formulas in the chaotic space, the only thing she lacked now was a refining cauldron.  With all the herbs she had just obtained, she could start refining pills!

After sifting through the treasure storage, Ye Yu Xi had completely emptied the whole room.  She almost even took the roof and floor with her.

In less than an hour, Ye Yu Xi came out of the treasure storage room.  The kitchen fire was already much smaller.

As she walked to the back door, she passed several servants.  Ye Yu Xi wore very poor clothing and she had her head down, so no one paid attention to her.

“I heard that third madame has just led a few people to young miss Ye’s thatched cabin.”

“Ah?  Why? Isn’t third madame the most annoyed by that waste?”

“I heard that someone carried the third miss out of the woods last night with all her limbs broken!  That’s when the third madame decided to bring four-five people to go find the young miss.”

When Ye Yu Xi heard the two old maids talking behind her, her heart skipped a beat.  Oh no, Qing’er!

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