Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 529

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Chapter 529: Immoral things (Part 1)

Ye Hui walked up to the temporary podium.

Other than a few people in the crowd, most of them felt a pressure in their heart that came from the aura released by Ye Hui.

Ye Hui’s figure was a bit thin, but his eyes were very sharp that people didn’t dare look right at him.

Looking over everyone, Ye Hui’s eyes finally fell onto Song Lan Er.  Looking at the latter, she unconsciously took a step back,

“If this old man isn’t wrong, young miss Ye should be using a Beast Flame and the technique young miss Ye used just now is the Hundred Flower Hands that can increase refining speed.  The Beast Flame has a higher temperature itself that can increase refining speed and adding in the Hundred Flower Hands, I believe that she can refine a Purple Spirit Pill in an hour!”

Ye Hui’s voice rang in everyone’s ears.

The ones who didn’t know the truth also nodded in agreement.  It was like the ones who questioned Ye Yu Xi before wasn’t them.

Hearing Ye Hui’s words, Song Lan Er’s face turned pale.  Not only Song Lan Er, even her father Song Yuan Dong had a head covered in cold sweat.  Offending chairman Ye, then how could the Song Family remain in the capital city or even in the Ice Mist Country?

Song Yuan Dong could only beg his ancestors, praying that his precious daughter wouldn’t speak nonsense in her anger.

Ye Hui saw Song Lan Er’s pale face and gave a snort before saying, “Don’t think that things you can’t do, others can’t do.  This kind of person will never make anything of themselves!”

Ye Hui said this and took back his aura, looking like a normal old man.  In front of everyone, he walked back to the stands.

Wei Jun Xiong saw everyone’s reaction and gratefully looked at Ye Hui.  His old friend had really helped him this time. Otherwise, if the special envoy pressed him on this matter, he would be in trouble.

“Everyone!  The mistake has been cleared.  Now, this old man will give the price for this competition.”

Wei Jun Xiong personally came in front of Ye Yu Xi and placed a Space Ring in Ye Yu Xi’s hand as he said, “Inside here is the golden cauldron and the new student invitation letter for the Alchemist Academy.  Congratulations, young miss Ye.”

Seeing that Bai Jin Yi didn’t react at all, Wei Jun Xiong said a few simple words before returning to the podium and handed out the reward for the other people.

“There is nothing left for us here, let’s go.”

Ye Yu Xi looked around.  She had already obtained the items and there were people she hated here, so it was better to leave first.

“Un.”  Bai Jin Yi and Ye Yu Xi directly walked out of the arena.

Behind the two of them, an old man silently stood up and followed the two of them.

The awards ceremony was short.  In less than an hour, most of the people had already scattered.

“Elder Wei, I have already sent people to investigate.  There is no sign of young miss Ye and that young master in the arena.”  The teacher respectfully stood behind Wei Jun Xiong.

“What about that Song Lan Er?  Have you investigated her?” Wei Jun Xiong had his back to the teacher.  Thinking about what happened before, there was a trace of fear in his heart.

“It has been investigated.  She is the daughter of one of the families of the Ice Mist Country, she doesn’t have any backing.”

“When the new students enter the school, send the order down to let this group of students suffer a bit.  Go.”

“Yes…..”  The teacher understood Wei Jun Xiong’s meaning as he remembered Song Lan Er’s name in his heart.  


Ye Yu Xi and Bai Jin Yi came out of the arena.

When they had just come out, the two of them noticed someone following them with their mental energy.

Only…..The two of them had a tacit understanding to not speak and they walked into a small alley.

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