Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 5

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Chapter 5: Kitchen

Ye Yu Xi raised her head to look around her and did not see Huo Ling’s figure around.  It seems like the limits on Huo Ling’s action in the chaotic space was much stronger than hers.

Without having the time to look through the recipes, Ye Yu Xi heard Qing’er calling her.

“Young miss!  Young miss!”

Her body outside of the chaotic space could hear Qing’er calling from outside.  A thought passed in her mind and she appeared in the thatch cabin.

The sky was already bright.

Qing’er had cooked breakfast.  When she came into the room and saw Ye Yu Xi lying on the bed, she pointed at the bed in an exaggerated manner, “Ah!  Young miss, there is a mouse behind you!”

Seeing Qing’er who was trying to tease her, Ye Yu Xi did not even raise her head.  Mouse? Even a fly could not get close to her without her noticing.

“Help me find some clean clothes.” Ye Yu Xi sat on the head of the bed.  She definitely could not wear the clothes from yesterday, but in the end, the clothes did make Ye Yu Xi feel a little uncomfortable.

“Oh.”  Qing’er obediently went to find the clothes.  She was thinking in her mind, I’ve always used this method to tease the young miss, why did it not work today?

After finding the clothes, Qing’er quickly set the freshly cooked breakfast out.

Sitting down on broken and old wooden table, Ye Yu Xi looked at rice porridge in front of her.  No! Calling it rice soup was more appropriate.

Just drinking one mouthful, Ye Yu Xi already felt like throwing up.  Thinking of how Qing’er had worked hard in the morning to make it, she knit her brows and forced it down.

“Young miss, what’s wrong?  Are you uncomfortable? Is the porridge too hot?”  Qing’er put down the bowl in her hand and quickly said a bunch of things.

Ye Yu Xi picked up the plate of rotten vegetables up from the table and placed it under her nose to take a sniff.  Her brows knit together as she asked, “Why is it rotten!”

Qing’er forced out a smile, “Young miss, those people in the manor are snobs.  These are already good enough. Relax young miss, we will have a better life in the future.


Ye Yu Xi’s palm slapped down on the broken wooden table.  Her shoulders were slightly trembling as her breath became heavier, “Throw these things out, I will go and get something to eat.”

Ye Yu Xi was filled with anger as she marched off towards the Ye Manor!  The people of the Ye Manor seemed like they were tired of living.

After a bit, she arrived at the Ye Manor.

Ye Yu Xi came to the back door and jumped over the wall!

Although she had become stronger last night, she still was only at the third spiritual level and wasn’t strong enough to fight the Ye Family’s monsters.  She was just going to take a little bit of interest first!

She twisted and turned until she reached the kitchen.  The sound of cooking came from within.


The kitchen’s wooden door was kicked down by Ye Yu Xi.

The dozen cooks in the kitchen all looked over at the door.

Seeing that the door had been kicked down by the waste young miss, their faces all filled with contempt.  Indeed, even if they were just cooks, they still deserved better food and clothes compared to this waste young miss!

Ye Yu Xi looked at the cooks in the room.  Her face was like ice as she asked in a cold voice, “Who made my meal!”

“Who made it?  Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha…….”

The chefs all began to laugh and one of them “kindly” reminded her, “Young miss, there are too much leftovers every night and the pig in the courtyard cannot finish it all, so we send the rest to young miss.”

“Is the young miss comfortable eating it?  Ha, ha, ha, ha.”

The chefs formed a circle as they laughed.

“Good, very good!”  Ye Yu Xi’s lips gently moved, like she was talking to herself.  Suddenly her figure shot out.

Kacha!  Kacha, kacha……

In less than ten seconds, Ye Yu Xi had went around the kitchen in a circle.  The chefs that had been laughing at Ye Yu Xi all had their necks broken.

Returning to the door, Ye Yu Xi looked at her own white palms.  She was very satisfied with the strength they contained!

Looking at the breakfast the chefs had just made, there was fish and meat.  It was truly luxurious.

Her palms went over these dishes and they were all absorbed into her chaotic space.

Looking at the dead bodies on the floor, Ye Yu Xi thought in her mind, “The cooks were acting so arrogantly.  I wouldn’t believe it if someone told me that they weren’t ordered to act this way. Since you won’t let me live a good life, then don’t blame me for being ruthless!”


The oil can was knocked over and the entire kitchen turned into a sea of flames.

She just watched as the fire in front of her grew bigger.

A cold smile appeared on Ye Yu Xi’s lips, “Ye Manor, this is just the beginning.”

Ye Yu Xi left the kitchen, but she didn’t go back to the thatch cabin.  Rather she went off in the opposite direction.

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