Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 454

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Chapter 454: Serious Bai Jin Yi (Part 3)

“Un?  Xiao Bai, you’re also here.  What are you two wearing clothes for in the middle of the night?”  Long Xiao Pang turned to look at Bai Jin Yi.

What are you two wearing clothes for in the middle of the night……

There were black lines on Ye Yu Xi’s head!  Long Xiao Pang’s words were saying that Bai Jin Yi shouldn’t be wearing clothes here!

But Bai Jin Yi ignored Long Xiao Pang’s teasing and waved the Heavenly Silkworm Silk in his hand with a serious expression.

“Dragon master, the thing inside this, do you know about it?”

Long Xiao Pang only noticed the Heavenly Silkworm Silk in Bai Jin Yi’s hand and was a bit surprised.  He thought that this little girl was truly generous, directly giving such a precious thing to Xiao Bai.

But thinking about the things between them, it was considered reasonable.

“I do.  That thing isn’t bad, it’s considered a treasure.”  Long Xiao Pang’s eyes were finally completely opened, he no longer looked like he was half asleep.

“Dragon master, I know your background, I just want to ask one question.  In the future, are you planning on having Ye Yu Xi head to the Central Plains?”  Although Bai Jin Yi called him dragon master, he no longer had the same respect as before and completely placed Long Xiao Pang on the same level.”

“You don’t want her to go to the Central Plains?  With such good talent, staying in a small Ice Mist Country, it really is a shame.”

“Then you know what the other half of this Imperial Flame Art is!”

Bai Jin Yi kept pressing, as if Long Xiao Pang was hiding a large matter from Ye Yu Xi.

“The Dual Imperial Flame Art famous on the continent, how can I not know?”  Long Xiao Pang asked back. The things that Bai Jin Yi knew, Long Xiao Pang had several thousand years of knowledge, so how could he not know?

Without waiting for Bai Jin Yi to ask again, Long Xiao Pang kept speaking, “This little girl has my essence inside her.  With your spiritual blood, the Dual Imperial Flame Art, and the Poison Sect’s Secret Tome, do you think she can reach that legendary level?”

“You’re thinking…..”  Bai Jin Yi’s eyes instantly popped out!

“Shh——”  Long Xiao Pang’s expression was very casual.  He waved his hand and gave a faint smile, “It’s not time yet, you can’t say it, you can’t say it.”

Long Xiao Pang said this and looked at Ye Yu Xi with eyes with deep meaning that was filled with expectation and farewell.

“What are you guys talking about!”

Ye Yu Xi looked at the large and small person in front of her and finally found a chance to speak.  Especially the final interaction between Long Xiao Pang and Bai Jin Yi, it was clearly about her.

Bai Jin Yi used this chance to calm his heart.


The candles in the room lit up.

The candle lights were like beans, looking very calming.

Bai Jin Yi sat down on a stool and raised the Heavenly Silkworm Silk in his hand as he said to Ye Yu Xi, “Leave this thing with me for now.  Unless it is life or death, you mustn’t use the cultivation technique recorded on this Heavenly Silkworm Silk.”

Bai Jin Yi held the Heavenly Silkworm Silk in his hand as a deep fear appeared in his mind.  The next step…..Ye Yu Xi had to get into the Alchemist Academy no matter what!

“This Imperial Flame Art, is there a special secret with it?”  Ye Yu Xi looked at Bai Jin Yi’s cautious appearance and asked the question in her heart.

Bai Jin Yi nodded.  There really was a secret that normal people didn’t know about in here!  This is because…..the other half of the Imperial Flame Art was…..the Alchemist Academy’s «Flame Control Art»!

He slowly began to explain the Imperial Flame Art matter to Ye Yu Xi.

The Imperial Flame Art with the Flame Control Art becomes the Dual Imperial Flame Art.  A thousand years ago, it was the ninth grade alchemist, the alchemy maniac, Medicine Demon’s secret technique that was never spread.

It was said that in the end, Medicine Demon was surrounded by countless alchemists who tried to force him to take out the Dual Imperial Flame Art.

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