Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 453

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Chapter 453: Serious Bai Jin Yi (Part 2)


Without seeing any motion from Bai Jin Yi, his body moved straight a few meters and stood right in front of Ye Yu Xi.

There was only a small distance between them, their noses were almost touching.  There was only a few inches between their lips.

“This Heavenly Silkworm Silk, who else knows about it!”  Bai Jin Yi’s voice was serious. His starry eyes were looking right into Ye Yu Xi’s eyes, as if he was about to swallow her up.

Ye Yu Xi never expected that Bai Jin Yi would suddenly appear in front of her.  When she had reacted, they were already pressed together.

Ye Yu Xi slightly leaned back and she took a step back, wanting to open some distance with Bai Jin Yi.  This small movement was noticed and without knowing it, Bai Jin Yi’s hand was already firmly holding her wrist.

With Ye Yu Xi’s subconscious movement, Bai Jin Yi’s hand became firmer as if he was worried that Ye Yu Xi would run away.

With a flick of Bai Jin Yi’s hand, Ye Yu Xi directly fell against Bai Jin Yi’s chest.  Under the brocade robes, there were spring waves.

“Who else knows!”

Bai Jin Yi’s voice became lower and his tone gave no space for discussion.  There was a bit of a worried and urgent tone to his voice.

“Long, Long Xiao Pang.”

Ye Yu Xi’s beautiful watery eyes looked at the overwhelming Bai Jin Yi in front of her and unconsciously replied.


Bai Jin Yi’s hand moved again, picking Ye Yu Xi up with one hand.  His figure moved and both of them turned into the wind.

The servant in charge of watching the manor had just come out of his room.  Before he even began, he felt something beside him. It was just an instant “sensation” before the yard became calm again.

“Wind?”  That person rubbed his head.  They looked at the tree in the yard and saw the leaves weren’t moving at all!

Was it a mistake just now?  That person shook their head, treating it as them drinking a bit too much.

Bai Jin Yi held Ye Yu Xi as he charged into the manor, almost using all his strength.

He went from the front yard to Ye Yu Xi’s room in two blinks of the eye.


The door was tightly shut and there wasn’t even a candle lit inside the room.

With a slight move of his hand, he softly put down Ye Yu Xi who was tightly holding onto him.

Bai Jin Yi looked at the girl in front of him.  The aura around him wasn’t disturbed at all.

As for Ye Yu Xi, her heart was jumping like a little deer.  This was her first time being this close to an awake Bai Jin Yi!

“What is it?”

Ye Yu Xi looked at Bai Jin Yi staring at her and felt that something was off.  The current Bai Jin Yi was not the same sickly beautiful man who cared about nothing!

“Call out the dragon master.  There are some things to discuss.”

Bai Jin Yi’s voice had a rare serious tone.  When he was speaking, he even deliberately lowered his voice.

Ye Yu Xi nodded.  There was a bit of confusion in her eyes, but seeing Bai Jin Yi’s serious appearance, something must have happened.

She called Long Xiao Pang in her mind.

After a while, there was a flash of light in the room as Long Xiao Pang slowly appeared.

Long Xiao Pang appeared with a yawn, holding two crumpled books in his hands.  Looking at the depressions in the books, Long Xiao Pang seemed to be using them as pillows.

“Ah——Little girl, what are you calling me for in the middle of the night.”

Long Xiao Pang’s voice had a trace of dissatisfaction.  He scratched his head with his hand to wake himself up.

“It’s him looking for you.”

Ye Yu Xi used her eyes to point behind Long Xiao Pang.

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