Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 384

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Chapter 384: Bai Jin Yi wakes

Bai Jin Yi regained control of his body and various senses gradually came back under his control.

Bai Jin Yi’s spiritual energy became even more fluid and cycled faster, gradually returning to its normal state.  He was no longer supporting his body purely with his spiritual energy.

Ye Yu Xi couldn’t move her body right now and suddenly felt a powerful spiritual energy coming from Bai Jin Yi’s mouth.

Ye Yu Xi had been in the peak sixth spiritual level, but now with the wave of pure spiritual energy attacking her, it seemed like she was about to make a breakthrough.

Bai Jin Yi didn’t notice the change with Ye Yu Xi and his body’s spiritual energy just kept unconsciously cycling.

A fulfilling feeling filled Bai Jin Yi’s mind, making him slightly knit his brows.  He could feel the spiritual energy inside him unconsciously flowing faster and it kept flowing to the other side.


Bai Jin Yi suddenly opened his eyes and matched gazes with Ye Yu Xi.

For a while, Ye Yu Xi’s heart was filled with embarrassment.  Her plan had been to immediately leave once she noticed Bai Jin Yi waking, but she never expected that she wouldn’t be able to move at all!

Ye Yu Xi and Bai Jin Yi’s current position…..No matter how one looked at it…..It was initiated by Ye Yu Xi…..

There was a flash of light in Bai Jin Yi’s eyes!

When Bai Jin Yi saw the person in front of him, his eyes became a bit warm.  With a blink, he felt his spiritual energy and gradually understood the current situation.

Gradually controlling his spiritual energy, his chest still felt a bit stuffed, but that feeling gradually faded.  The spiritual energy that didn’t belong to him slowly returned back to Ye Yu Xi through his tongue.

Hua la.

Bai Jin Yi moved and created splashes in the tub.  Bai Jin Yi had been pressed down slightly by Ye Yu Xi at first, but with his personality, how could he lose to a little girl at this time?

Ye Yu Xi’s beautiful eyes stared at Bai Jin Yi as if saying, you better quickly find a way to separate!

There was a smile in Bai Jin Yi’s eyes.  He took the numb Ye Yu Xi into his embrace and the two of them leaned against each other.

Ye Yu Xi leaned against Bai Jin Yi’s chest.  There was only a thin shirt on Ye Yu Xi and now that she had been moved by Bai Jin Yi, there was some spring scenery that was revealed.

There was an evil glow that appeared in Bai Jin Yi’s eyes.

Ye Yu Xi kept looking at Bai Jin Yi, looking at the movements in his eyes and also feeling the cool sensation from his skin.

Ye Yu Xi’s beautiful eyes were filled with flames of rage.  What made Ye Yu Xi even madder was that this bastard Bai Jin Yi was holding her and staring at her with eyes that weren’t rushed at all!

If it wasn’t for the fact Ye Yu Xi couldn’t move, she definitely would have cut him down without any mercy!

Bai Jin Yi also felt something strange with his body.  There was a star like glow in his eyes for a second, but it returned to normal when he blinked.

With Ye Yu Xi watching, Bai Jin Yi’s pupils turned into dual pupils and there were golden flames burning in them.

These flames were not Bai Jin Yi’s flames, but rather his refined Strange Flame, the Empty Starry Night Flames!

Bai Jin Yi secretly activated his cultivation technique and controlled his spiritual energy.

Ye Yu Xi was being held by Bai Jin Yi and half her body was leaning against Bai Jin Yi’s chest.  Ye Yu Xi could feel that Bai Jin Yi’s chest began to heat up.

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