Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 371

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Chapter 371: The third prince’s visit

The entire next day, Ye Yu Xi practiced her Imperial Flame Art in the chaotic space.

After consuming all the spiritual energy inside her body, Ye Yu Xi returned to her room to meditate.

Nothing happened all night and the morning chicken called out.

Dong, dong, dong!

“Big sister Yu Xi, there is a guest.”  Nangong Ying Xue’s voice came from outside.

“Un?  Guest?”  Ye Yu Xi’s eyes opened and she let out a breath.  She then thought: It’s this early, who would be here?

Opening the door, she saw Nangong Ying Xue with a serious expression, “The third prince is here and there is Mo Tian Chou who we met at the Alchemist Guild’s doors the other day.  It seems like they’re here about something serious.”

Ye Yu Xi nodded and followed Nangong Ying Xue to the main hall.

“It’s an honour for the third prince to come, Yu Xi has been late in greeting you.”

Ye Yu Xi had not even walked in when she first gave her greetings.

“Miss Ye is too polite.  I’ve heard Tian Chou say that miss Ye was in the capital and this prince was busy over the past two days, so I didn’t have time to come see miss Ye.  I specially came to pay a visit today.” The third prince rose from his seat and gave a slight nod to Ye Yu Xi.

Even if Ye Yu Xi was strong, with the third prince’s identity, he didn’t need to greet Ye Yu Xi.  To put down his status and get up from his chair, it showed how important Ye Yu Xi was to him.

Ye Yu Xi’s lips had a smile as she walked into the hall and said to the third prince, “I sent someone to give something to the third highness two days ago, I think your highness should have received it.”

“I won’t hide it from miss Ye, I am here today because of that matter.  There are things concerning a senior minister of the court, only can the contents of the letter by trusted?”  The third prince’s face became a bit serious.

Ye Yu Xi didn’t immediately reply as she revealed a bit of a mysterious smile.  After a bit of consideration, she asked back, “Third highness, if I can bring out evidence that everything in the letter is true, what will your highness do?”

“The crown prince’s position will be in hand!”  The third prince spat out these eight words word for word.

With General Ji defeated, the seventh prince will be missing an arm and his influence in the court will weaken.  Like this, what kind of decision will the ministers of the court still watching make……

Ye Yu Xi heard the third prince’s voice filled with confidence and gave a slight nod within.  Since ancient times, if one wanted to be the emperor, one had to be a bit ruthless.

“The third highness can be assured.  In less than ten day, the friends of Feather Wing will give the third highness a satisfactory answer.”  Ye Yu Xi picked up a cup of tea.

The third prince heard Ye Yu Xi’s words and he revealed a trace of a smile.  There was a flash of light in his hand and he took out a gold card of his Space Ring, giving it to Mo Tian Chou.

Mo Tian Chou presented the gold card in both hands in front of Ye Yu Xi.

“This is miss Ye’s first time in the capital, there must be many places you need to spend money on.  This bit of money is my welcoming gift for miss Ye.” The third prince had an elegant smile on his face.  This card had a total of five hundred thousand in it!

In order to secretly pull in some of the senior ministers, he had only used three-four hundred thousand gold coins.   To do this to pull in Ye Yu Xi, the third prince was making a large moving.

Giving out five hundred thousand gold coins, the third prince didn’t feel any pain.  Rather, the third prince was a bit afraid Ye Yu Xi wouldn’t take this money.

“Then I’ll thank the third highness.”  Ye Yu Xi looked at the gold card and said some polite words.  She had to go to the Primary Martial Auction Hall in a few days and she didn’t have many gold coins on her, so this gold card was firewood sent during the snow.

“If miss Ye is in a rush to find me, you can send someone into the palace with this token and no one will stop them.”  The third prince took out a bronze token.

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