Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 370

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Chapter 370: Inviting the assassin group’s people

Nangong Ying Xue nodded.  After making sure Ye Yu Xi didn’t have any other orders, she turned to leave.

“Big sister Yu Xi, I heard that the Jia Manor’s people aren’t easy to deal with.  Since Jia Qiong became the Mingyue Sect’s inner sect disciple, no one dares provoke the Jia Manor in the capital city.”  Mu Xue Qing said in a worried voice.

Xue Qing’s father was a minister in court.  This man who easily changed colours all year round, he had a deep understanding of the court’s situation.

“Xue Qing, have you ever heard from your father how the old emperor’s injuries came to be?”  Ye Yu Xi suddenly asked.

Mu Xue Qing shook her head, “My father’s position in court is not high or low, he hasn’t reached a position where he can enter the palace to see the emperor.  These matters are a secret in the palace, he has never mentioned it before, but Ying Xue and I have investigated this before. The previous emperor’s cultivation isn’t bad and there was an assassin who entered the palace, but was killed by the emperor.  After half a year, the emperor was unable to rise from his bed.”

Ye Yu Xi asked Mu Xue Qing about the situation of the court.

It was almost noon.

Nangong Ying Xue prepared their lunch and the three of them had a simple meal.

In the afternoon, Nangong Ying Xue sent people to scatter information while Ye Yu Xi and Mu Xue Qing returned to their rooms to cultivate.

It was a rare peace, they had to take this time to raise their strength.


Ye Yu Xi’s side was calm, but the other side had exploded.

“Where’s my father!  You are all a bunch of trash, you can’t even catch someone!  I want to see my father, he definitely won’t sit there without caring about this!”  Ji Wu Liang was lying in bed and he couldn’t feel his bottom half at all. More accurately speaking, it was a certain place that he couldn’t feel at all.

This was even worse than killing him.  Ji Wu Liang kept angrily cursing the servants around him.

These servants all had their heads down, not daring to make a sound.  However, most of them had a secret look of gloating in their eyes.

A person who looked like a housekeeper waved at the guards and Instructor Wang, letting them leave.

“Hei, hei, young master, young master, don’t be angry.  The general just went to inspect the camps the other day, he’ll be back in a few days.”

The old housekeeper came in front of the bed with a smile and looked at Ji Wu Liang on the bed as he kept on flattering him, “Young master, I’ve heard that there is a new mercenary group in Ningyuan City, it is a group that specializes in assassinations.  Young master, how about we send a large amount of money to pay for a mission? Didn’t you say that the people who bullied you were called Blood Enchantress? Let’s do this, we’ll spend several tens of thousands of gold coins and hire the assassin mercenary group’s people.  At most we’ll spend a bit of money and that Blood Enchantress will certainly…..”

When Ji Wu Liang lying on the bed heard this, there was a flash of hope in his eyes.  He quickly said, “Good! Good! Quickly go and take the money from the accountant, take a bit more.  We’ll have that assassin mercenary group kill all of those people from Blood Enchantress! I want them all to die!”

The old housekeeper agreed with a smile and turned to leave.  He could take this chance to make a fortune! It was good having an idiotic young master!

Only…..Who knew what kind of emotions the old housekeeper would have when he went to Ningyuan City and found out the assassin group’s name was also Blood Enchantress.


There were still five-six days before the alchemist test.

Ye Yu Xi had her initial plans.  Blood Enchantress needed to spread their name in the capital and General Ji’s manor was a pretty good target!

This plan needed quite a few people, it would be hard for Ye Yu Xi to accomplish this alone.  The fatty and the others would take another three-four days before they came over.

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