Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 37

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Chapter 37: Giving you a bit of fun

The seventh prince sat in his private room looking at Ye Xing Yong who had fiery eyes and a trace of disdain flashed in his eyes.  Truly a person from a small place, being excited by a strength in the sixth spiritual level. Compared to the ninth spiritual level ancestor in the royal palace, the person in the cage was as strong as a child.

Even though his heart though this, the seventh prince habitually revealed a faint smile.  He then said to Ye Xing Yong, “Family Head Ye, are you interested in this slave named Battle Wolf?”

“Seventh prince, I’ve shown you a joke.  In this Ningyuan City, if any family has an extra sixth spiritual level expert, they could suppress the other families and be known as a tyrant.”

The seventh prince nodded as he lazily called out, “Six thousand gold coins!”


The people in the hall all sucked in a cold breath.  Adding a thousand gold coins in one go, this was a bit too much.


Mo Tian Chou and the third prince was also sitting in a private room.

When the third prince heard the price of six thousand, he said to Mo Tian Chou, “Tian Chou, are you not planning to buy back the person in the cage?”

Mo Tian Chou looked at the man inside the cage and shook his head, “I’m not interested in things like the arena.  I’m still focused on helping the third highness manage the auction hall.”

“You should know who just called that price.”

Mo Tian Chou thought about the voice just now, but that voice was not familiar.  He looked at the private room that just called the price, “According to the direction the voice came from, it should be the Ye Family’s private room, but that voice did not sound like Ye Xing Yong’s.”

“It’s my seventh brother.”  The third prince drank a mouthful of tea.

“The seventh prince?”

The third prince nodded, “Since he came, give him a bit of fun.”  After saying this, the third prince continued observing the situation in the lower auction hall.

Mo Tian Chou was very smart and immediately understood the third prince’s meaning.  He looked at Housekeeper Qiu to the side.

Housekeeper Qiu’s voice rang out, “Seven thousand gold coins!”


There was silence in the hall again as everyone looked at the two rooms on the second floor.  It was the Mo Family and the Ye Family! These two families were both giants in Ningyuan City.  It seemed like although the person in the cage was high, they were not destined to be with them.

“Eight thousand gold coins.”  The seventh prince’s face turned sinister.  He never thought there would be someone who dared increase the bid after he added a thousand gold coins.


Ye Yu Xi and Qing’er sitting on the first floor watched the play on the second floor.

“Young miss, do we need to give a price as well?  This is an expert of the sixth spiritual level and if you count our numbers, we’ll be able to form a mercenary group at the Spiritualist Guild.”  Qing’er’s little eyes were staring at the man inside the cage. It was clear that to Qing’er, the larger a man was, the stronger he was.

“No need.”  Ye Yu Xi said these two words.  Although the strength of the man in the cage was good, but it was clear from a single glance that this person had forcefully broken through.  His body was filled with hidden injuries, he was not a person she was looking for.

The third prince sat in the private room casually sipping his tea.  Mo Tian Chou saw that his master was not saying a word, so he looked at Housekeeper Qiu again.

Housekeeper Qiu understood, “Nine thousand gold coins.”

The auctioneer on the stage revealed a look of excitement!  A few increases of the bid had made it reach nine thousand gold coins.  Other than the price of a peak cultivation technique or some rare herbs, a normal slave would rarely reach this high of a price.  He raised the gavel in his hand and shouted, “Nine thousand going once, nine thousand going twice, nine thousand……”

“Ten thousand gold coins!”

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