Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 366

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Chapter 366: It was done by us, Blood Enchantress!

These guards knew how to adapt.  Seeing that the guards on the ground weren’t fatally wound, they chose to gather there without making a move.

If they angered the other side, perhaps there would be casualties.  If they didn’t make a move, perhaps they could keep their lives, but now…..

“Why are you all here?”  Mu Ju who had run away first came over.  He thought that it had been over half an hour and those two girls should have been caught, so he came over.

He never would have thought that……

Mu Ju knew that something was wrong and squeezed to the front.  He saw the guards lying on the ground and Mu Ju’s expression changed, as he asked Instructor Wang to the side, “Instructor Wang!  Where’s young master Ji?”

Instructor Wang shook his head and didn’t make a sound.  He couldn’t say that he wasn’t good enough and young master Ji was taking away by the other side.

Hearing Mu Ju’s words, some guards looked into the hall.  The hall’s doors were still tightly shut and there were no sounds at all.

“Instructor Wang, what are you doing!  Quickly charge in and save him!” Mu Ju angrily shouted.  He had long heard that the city guards bullied others, but he never thought they would be like this.

With Mu Ju’s order, Instructor Wang couldn’t keep standing there.  He brought several guards and carefully moved towards the main hall.

Chi ya!

The wooden doors of the hall was opened from inside.

Weng~~Hua la.

The guards saw the wooden doors open and collectively took a step back, tightly gripping their weapons.

Ye Yu Xi came out from inside holding the unmoving Ji Wu Liang in one hand who looked like a dead dog.

Behind her were Nangong Ying Xue and Mu Xue Qing, but they were both wearing black cloaks.

Ye Yu Xi took a step forward and the guards took a step back.  There was a tacit understanding between the two sides.


Ye Yu Xi flicked her hand and threw Ji Wu Liang out.

Those guards saw Ji Wu Liang being thrown over and no one dared catch him.  If they caught him now and if Ji Wu Liang was injured, they would be implicated.  It was better that no one caught him, that way if they were punished, everyone would be punished together.

The heavily injured Ji Wu Liang fell to the ground.

“Instructor Wang, was it?  Your young master is not dead.  Go back and tell General Ji that today’s matters were done by us, Blood Enchantress!”

Ye Yu Xi’s voice filled the yard and the close to a hundred guards all heard it clearly.

In less than three days, these guards would pass this information on.  Adding in the fact the evil Ji Wu Liang was beaten, the Blood Enchantress name would be known to the citizens.

“Young master?  Young master?” Instructor Wang quickly came forward and examined Ji Wu Liang’s wounds.

Ye Yu Xi’s group of three looked at each other before jumping onto the roof and disappearing from everyone’s sights.

Mu Ju knew what was going on in his heart.  He stood there in a daze before remembering that he had told Ji Wu Liang that Mu Xue Qing was being held hostage, so he had to keep pretending.

“Xue Qing!”  Mu Ju acted to be in a “panic” as he ran into the hall.


Ye Yu Xi’s group of three jumped over the wall and left the Mu Manor, falling into an empty alley.

“Big sister Yu Xi, that was so satisfying.  If it wasn’t for the fact we still needed information from the manor, I would have already taught that brat Ji Wu Liang a lesson.”

Mu Xue Qing took off the cloak and thought of the scene just now, cheering in happiness.

Ye Yu Xi gave a sound of acknowledgement and said nothing, as she continued to thing this over.  The waters of the capital would always be deeper than Ningyuan City, so if she was careless, it would be dangerous for her sisters.

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