Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 362

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Chapter 362: Teaching Ji Wu Liang (Part 1)

“Sir Mu doesn’t need to worry about this, but there is something I have to say to sir Mu.  After we take care of matters, we’ll be taking Xue Qing away for something. As for safety, sir Mu does not need to be worried.”

Mu Ju sat there and nodded with a faint smile, having his own plans in his heart.  After thinking about it last night, he still sent people to the general’s manor to report in.

Having Xue Qing get married, the position of Minister of Military Affairs would be his, how could Mu Ju be willing to let it go?  Moreover, Mu Ju deeply understood Ji Wu Liang’s personality. He specifically told the servant to add oil to the fire when telling things to Ji Wu Liang.

Mu Ju calculated the time in his heart, the general’s palace wasn’t from from Mu Manor.  For a round trip and to get someone, two hours would be enough.

As long as that brainless fellow Ji Wu Liang killed his way over.

At that time…..Mu Ju looked at Ye Yu Xi and there was a trace of pride in his eyes.  He offered a cup of tea to Ye Yu Xi and gestured for her to give it a taste.

Ye Yu Xi saw the pride Mu Ju could’t hide and she became vigilant.

Thinking about it, she understood what it meant.

However…..Ye Yu Xi didn’t care at all.  Allowing Mu Ju to head back to his room before, Ye Yu Xi wasn’t afraid of him reporting in.

Ye Yu Xi even intended to give Mu Ju a chance to send someone to send a report.

There was still a month away from the Alchemist Meet, Ye Yu Xi wanted to use this time to cause chaos in the capital!

“Sir Mu, I wonder what ideas you have on the succession battle in a few months.”  Ye Yu Xi looked at the secretly proud Mu Ju and gave him a warning. After making a deal with the third prince, perhaps Mu Ju could be of some use.

Mu Ju leisurely drank his tea.  Hearing Ye Yu Xi’s words, his smoothly handled it.

“The old ruler is still currently alive.  As for who the crown prince will be, naturally it will be decided by the ruler.  I am just a normal official, how could I know anything.”

“Then if……the third prince becomes the crown prince, I wonder, how will sir Mu’s situation become compared to now?”

Ye Yu Xi said this and Mu Ju was silent.  From the current situation, whether it was the support in court or prestige, the seventh prince was ahead, but this girl was certain that the third prince would win…..

“He, he, this kind of matter, who can tell?  Mu Ju is an official in court and performs matter for the citizens.  Whoever becomes the crown prince is not that important to me. As long as this Mu can continue providing justice for the citizens, it is all fine.  Miss Ye is clear on the matters of the court, is someone in your family an official in court?”

Mu Ju had been an official for a long time, so when saying this kind of official talk, his face didn’t turn red at all.  In just a few words, he tried to investigate Ye Yu Xi’s backing.

“I won’t bother sir Mu with this, let’s just wait for the guest.  If something really happens, I hope sir Mu will not feel bad about your possessions.”  Ye Yu Xi’s lips formed a smile.

“No, no, how could anything happen?”  Mu Ju lowered his head to drink his tea as a serious expression flashed in his eyes.  If something did happen, it wasn’t good for him to be here……

“It’s good that sir Mu does not mind.  The furnishings of this room are worth quite a bit of silvers.”

“Miss is joking.  This Mu is a minister, focused on serving justice to the citizens.  These possessions, naturally I do not mind.” Mu Ju made himself look righteous.

Ye Yu Xi looked at Mu Ju’s expression and secretly called him an old fox.  Serving justice to the citizens, if this was true, would he have a concubine who was twenty years younger than him?

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