Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 350

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Chapter 350: Miss Ye will be interested

After Ye Yu Xi was given the cold shoulder by Long Xiao Pang, she didn’t give up and continued wandering around.

“These are items alchemist have placed in the guild to sell over the years.  Before anyone wants to buy them, they are placed in this storage room, waiting to be sold or waiting for their original owners.”

The staff member saw Ye Yu Xi wandering around and explained the origin of these items.

“All these things, they are all things alchemists have placed here to sell?”  Ye Yu Xi looked over the hundreds of items in the room and she gave a sigh in her heart.  Although alchemists were rare, there were still quite a few people with the talent for it in the kingdom, otherwise there wouldn’t be hundreds of items here.

“Un, there are two-three of these storage rooms in the guild.”

While talking, the staff member had already wiped the cauldron clean and revealed its true form.

Ye Yu Xi looked at the cauldron and nodded.  She gave the gold coins in the main hall and walked out of the Alchemist Guild.

Nangong Ying Xue was already waiting outside.

“Un?  Ying Xue?  Already done?”  Ye Yu Xi was a bit surprised to see Nangong Ying Xue, she never expected Nangong Ying Xue to come back so quickly.

“Un, it’s done, but I already obtained some news.  Recently there have been mysterious people in the palace and they have ran into several palace maids, but those palace maids are all dead.”  Nangong Ying Xue said in a small voice beside Ye Yu Xi’s ear.

Un?  Dead?

Ye Yu Xi’s heart was stirred.  Although she wasn’t certain it was the seventh prince, Ye Yu Xi could tell that the seventh prince wasn’t unrelated.

“Miss Ye?”

Ye Yu Xi was preparing to leave with Nangong Ying Xue when someone called out to Ye Yu Xi.

Ye Yu Xi turned around to look at the person behind her and it was actually someone she knew.

“Why is young master Mo here?”  Ye Yu Xi revealed a faint smile and looked at Mo Tian Chou walking over.

“It really is miss Ye.”  Mo Tian Chou’s face had a trace of excitement, “When I heard miss Ye was back in Ningyuan City, I found that miss Ye was already heading to the royal capital when I came to visit.  Luckily Tian Chou was doing some business for the third prince in the capital and I never thought I would meet you here.”

Mo Tian Chou looked at the high entrance of the Alchemist Guild and looked at Ye Yu Xi again as he revealed an understanding look, “Miss Ye was here for business?”

Ye Yu Xi nodded and didn’t deny it.  It would spread across the Ice Mist Country in these few days and now that she had enough strength, she didn’t need to hide it like in the beginning.

Mo Tian Chou saw that Ye Yu Xi didn’t refute his words and his thoughts became even more firm.  He tentatively said, “Miss Ye, since we’ve met here, there is something I need to tell miss.”

“Young master, please speak.”  Ye Yu Xi had a faint smile. The only common ground she had with Mo Tian Chou was the Primary Martial Auction Hall headquarters auction.

“The miss still remembers the auction in half a month?”

Ye Yu Xix nodded.

“I received some news a few days ago that there will be some extra items added into the auction.  There is a technique called the «Hundred Flower Hands» and I think miss Ye would be interested.” Mo Tian Chou said in a mysterious manner.

Just based on the name of the cultivation technique, he was certain Ye Yu Xi would be interested?

Ye Yu Xi remembered the name of this cultivation technique in her mind.  Although she didn’t know what use it had, Mo Tian Chou was pretty credible, so there should be something special about this cultivation technique.

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