Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 349

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Chapter 349: This treasure is praising you

Gold coins…..To normal citizens, one could live their entire life without seeing many of them.  A single silver coin was enough to provide for a family of three for a month.

Ye Yu Xi looked twice and there wasn’t a cauldron written on it.  It seemed like even in the Alchemist Guild, there weren’t many people selling cauldrons.  After all, cauldrons were not like pills. As long as a cauldron doesn’t explode, it could be used for a lifetime.

“Hello, is there any cauldrons for sale here?”  Feeling helpless, Ye Yu Xi could only look for the staff members for help.

The staff member looked at Ye Yu  Xi and didn’t say much. They took out a pricing list from the counter and said to Ye Yu Xi, “There are only copper cauldrons being sold inside the guild and each one costs ten thousand gold coins.”

After saying this, the staff member looked at Ye Yu Xi and waited for her decision.  Things like copper cauldrons were only a bit better than bronze cauldrons, but any alchemist or family with a bit of strength wouldn’t buy a copper cauldron.  So in the Alchemist Guild, they might not sell one all year round.

Hearing the price of the cauldron, Ye Yu Xi thought how expensive!  An alchemist really was an occupation that burned money. Although she felt this cauldron wasn’t worth this price, Ye Yu Xi didn’t have a choice right now.

She followed the staff member to a storage room.

Ye Yu Xi looked at the copper cauldron covered in dust in front of her…..If the staff member had not spoke up, Ye Yu Xi would have directly ignored it..  Looking at the dust on the copper cauldron, it was at least three years since anyone had moved it!

“This is the copper cauldron?”  Ye Yu Xi looked at the “dust cauldron” in front of her before she looked the staff member beside her with unkind eyes.

“Eh…..This seems to have been put here a bit long, but you can be assured.  The Alchemist Guild will guarantee the quality of our products.” The staff member looked very awkward.  He never expected the copper cauldron to be like this, it seemed like the storage room people didn’t know to clean it up.

“Just wait a moment, I’ll help you wipe down this cauldron.”  The staff member turned around to leave.

Ye Yu Xi was waiting while wandering around in the room.

There were some large things inside this storage room, no less than several hundred items.  However, most of them were covered in dust and obviously few people cared about them.

“Dragon master, do you think there are any treasures in here?”  Ye Yu Xi looked over the things in the room. To Ye Yu Xi who was used to getting treasures for a bargain, this was a blessed place.

Ye Yu Xi’s voice entered the chaotic space.

Before Long Xiao Pang spoke, Huo Ling’s dissatisfaction was piqued.

“Humph!  Asking Long Xiao Pang about everything!  Long Xiao Pang, doesn’t that little human ginseng only know a bit!  Master is biased!” Huo Ling angrily sat on a pile of herbs, stuffing herbs into his mouth as he muttered to himself, “That little human ginseng isn’t good at anything, master is the same!  Can’t you just ask this treasure? Although master is asking things this treasure doesn’t know, master should still ask once. She really doesn’t understand how to be polite.”

“Little dumb bird, what are you muttering?”  Long Xiao Pang narrowed his eyes and looked at Huo Long.

Huo Ling was stuffing herbs into his mouth, while also muttering, “Nothing, this treasure is just praising your intelligence.”

Long Xiao Pang looked at Huo Ling with a strange gaze as he replied to Ye Yu Xi, “As if.  You really think you’ll find treasures wherever you go just because you had a bit of luck?  Quickly find a restaurant to buy some lamb meat after buying your cauldron.”

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