Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 320

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Chapter 320: Huo Ling, damn you!


After the long streak of flame was breathed out……

Huo Ling closed his little eyes and excitedly chirped out, “Master, master, look quickly!”

Huo Ling showed off his “accomplishment”.

Ye Yu Xi looked at the scene in front of her and she was a bit shocked!

The heat of the flame!  Although it couldn’t compare to her Beast Flame, it wasn’t that much weaker!  At least it was stronger than the spiritual energy flame used by Yan Hua.

Ye Yu Xi did not even have time to praise Huo Ling when a voice first came from beside her.

“Huo Ling, damn you!”  Long Xiao Pang roar spread across the entire platform!

A burnt smell filled Ye Yu Xi’s nose and she looked down……

Long Xiao Pang was standing two meters beside Ye Yu Xi and his body was darkened.

Long Xiao Pang was fine, not even a single hair on his head was harmed…..Only…..There was something burnt dark in Long Xiao Pang’s hand.

When Huo Ling “protected” Ye Yu Xi, the flame was thrown right onto Long Xiao Pang standing beside Ye Yu Xi.

Long Xiao Pang had come to watch the show, but he never thought that he would become a living target!

Long Xiao Pang was about to go crazy.  His nose sniffed and the burnt smell was very strong.

Looking down at the roasted lamb leg in his hand, Long Xiao Pang instantly shouted out, “Huo Ling, damn you!  Pay me back my lamb meat!”

Huo Ling saw Long Xiao Pang’s appearance or more accurately speaking, he looked at the burnt lamb meat in Long Xiao Pang’s hand and knew this was bad.  As someone who also loved to eat, Huo Ling deeply knew that food was everything.

His little eyes turned and flapped his wings, as he flew out without turning back.  He threw himself into the white mist surrounded the platform.

Long Xiao Pang saw that Huo Ling wanted to “run”, but how could he easily let Huo Ling off.  He began to run after him while cursing out, “This dragon master hasn’t been unlucky for seven thousand years!  All of sudden all this bad luck comes! This master and servant, one spits water and one spits fire! Can’t you spray it somewhere else!”

“Dumb little bird, stop for me!”

Ye Yu Xi stood there, watching the human and bird “chasing” each other.

Remembering the scene just now, Ye Yu Xi believed more and more that Long Xiao Pang wasn’t simple.  Perhaps, she began to believe Bai Jin Yi more and more.

Bai Jin Yi had mentioned to Ye Yu Xi before that with Long Xiao Pang, they could only follow him.  It was best not to force him because with their methods, it was impossible to harm the Seven Star Blue Dragon Ginseng.

Long Xiao Pang had been hit by the flames, but he was not hurt at all!  There was no sign of being burnt even on the hairs of his body! This kind of defense had reached a terrifying degree.

Shaking her head, Ye Yu Xi kept doing her own thing.  Since she left Ningyuan City, Ye Yu Xi kept thinking about finding a good cultivation technique for Ying Xue and the others, only she had no time when traveling on the road.

Ye Yu Xi found two intermediate profound grade and one high profound grade spiritual energy skills on the bookshelves before exiting the chaotic space.

Putting the cultivation techniques into her Space Ring, she took out the Qilin Horn Bai Jin Yi gave her.

She looked over the treasure in her hand again.  Even Ye Yu Xi didn’t notice that in a month, when Ye Yu Xi had some alone time, she had a habit of softly stroking this Qilin Horn.


When Ye Yu Xi and Nangong Ying Xue arrived in Snow Shadow City.

Bai Jin Yi had brought Shi Ying to their destination.

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