Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 304

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Chapter 304: New manor

Since Mo Tian Chou gave them this yard, Ye Yu Xi’s group had never seen it before.

Walking out of the guest hall, Ye Yu Xi saw Bai You who had “assaulted” the fatty before sitting in the gazebo alone carefully wrapping up her arm.

Ye Yu Xi saw Bai You’s expressionless face and slightly narrowed her brows as she walked over.

“Does it hurt?”  Ye Yu Xi stood behind Bai You.

Ye Yu Xi’s eyes could see that when the fatty fought Bai You, although he didn’t use his full strength, he still used 50% of his strength.  That amount of strength was already enough to break Bai You’s arm.

Ye Yu Xi was interested in testing this little girl, so she didn’t heal her then.

But Bai You’s reaction surprised Ye Yu Xi a bit.  Her arm was broken, but this little girl didn’t reveal any trace of a pained look on her face.

“It does.”  Bai You softly replied.  Although she said it was painful, there was no sense of pain in her voice at all, not even a trace being found.  It was as if it wasn’t her who had broken an arm.

Ye Yu Xi’s lips formed a trace of an elegant curve.  This little girl, in time she would be a great weapon!

Ye Yu Xi didn’t say anything and turned to leave.  When she did leave, she left behind a Origin Returning Pill for healing her wounds.

Their group headed off to the new manor.

Ye Wen and Ye Man were already waiting at the door.

“Boss, this place is much grander than that little yard.”  The fatty looked at the new manor. There was a new plaque and the words “Ye Manor” written on it had force behind.  The stone lions at the door looked very overbearing. Even Ye Yu Xi couldn’t help giving an emotional sigh.

Ye Yu Xi ignored this and walked inside after greeting Ye Wen and Ye Man.

“Greetings to the young miss!”

“Greetings to the young miss!”

When she came in, she saw there were close to a hundred people standing in the yard.  The close to a hundred people were all wearing the same uniform and had the same hairstyles as they all kneeled to Ye Yu Xi on one knee.

“Young miss, these are the children big sister Man and I picked with decent talent.  Most of them are orphans.” Ye Wen explained in a small voice beside Ye Yu Xi’s ear.

Ye Yu Xi being guided by Ye Man passed the hundred people and entered the main hall.

This main hall was much more grand compared to the little yard, being at least double its size.

Sending the servant in charge of pouring tea out, Ye Yu Xi looked at Ye Man with a serious expression, “Other than the mask and note, was there anything else left behind?”

Ye Man shook her head.  The other side had been very neat, other than the things deliberately left behind, there were no other clues.

Ye Yu Xi asked about a few other things before waving her hand to let them leave.

“Boss, the other side’s tactics are quite clever!”  When the fatty and the others heard this and now knew what was going on.

The only thing confirmed now was that the other side didn’t have any ill intentions.  Other than that, they didn’t know a thing. To now know about one’s enemies, that was a large taboo!

Ye Yu Xi let the fatty and the others rest while she wandered around the yard alone.  She checked the corners one by one, but didn’t find any clues. The other side was very professional which made Ye Yu Xi’s heart fill with expectation.

Could it really be them……

After eating lunch, Ye Yu Xi locked herself in her room.

Long Xiao Pang’s form slowly appeared in front of Ye Yu Xi.

“Little girl, haven’t you forgotten something?”  Long Xiao Pang’s tone was very serious.

“Un?  What is it?”  Ye Yu Xi was stunned hearing Long Xiao Pang’s words.

“Lamb meat!”  Long Xiao Pang reminded in a serious tone.

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