Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 282

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Chapter 282: You go over first

After Ye Yu Xi avoided Yan Hua’s attack, she checked the condition of her body.

“Such a powerful cultivation technique!”  Ye Yu Xi sighed in her heart. In just an instant, Ye Yu Xi sucked quite a bit of spiritual energy from Yan Hua, restoring most of the spiritual energy she had consumed.

Un?  Her spiritual energy, Ye Yu Xi could feel that a part of her spiritual energy was quickly dissipating.  After being stunned for a bit, Ye Yu Xi reacted. After all, the absorbed spiritual energy was not from her own cultivation, so it could only be used for a period of time.

This spiritual energy, after a while, it would automatically dissipate.

“Die!”  Yan Hua’s hands were covered in flames again and flew out at Ye Yu Xi.

Ye Yu Xi saw the powerful Yan Hua and her eyes filled with killing intent.  Her hands hanging at her sides turned and formed claws, as the turquoise Beast Flame appeared in Ye Yu Xi’s palm.

Looking up, Yan Hua’s attack was already here.


The yellow spiritual energy flame scattered in all directions, while also raising a large amount of dirt.  The two of them were surrounded and the battle situation couldn’t be clearly seen.

Ye Zhi Qiu, Xiahou Yu Rou, Yan Hao, and the others were standing in the trees watching Yan Hua’s battle.  When the last flame collision came, their breathing was very fast. Who had won?

Before the large amount of dust settled, a human figure flew out.

That person’s arm was covered in turquoise flames.  They directly broke several tree branches before falling to the ground, showing how much force there was.


Yan Hua’s right arm was covered in turquoise flames and it was emitting corroding sounds.  Even if Yan Hua was an alchemist, he could only roll on the ground in pain and give pitiful cries.

When Yan Hua was sent flying by Ye Yu Xi with a single kick, Fang Leng Qing and Ji Wu Ye had come back from investigating the forest.

Before the two of them had arrived and just came out of the forest, they saw a figure being kicked flying with turquoise flames surrounding their arm.

“Leng Qing, it seems like senior Yan has taken care of that person, let’s go over.”  Ji Wu Ye saw that the person sent flying was being burned by flames and Yan Hua was an alchemist, so it must be Yan Hua using his flames to kill the other side.  Naturally he wanted to go over to offer his praise.

Fang Leng Qing gave an “un” sound and wanted to move forward with Ji Wu Ye, but suddenly stopped.  This wasn’t right…..She had been with Yan Hua for quite a while and although Yan Hua was an alchemist, his flames were yellow and the flames on that person’s body was turquoise!

Fang Leng Qing’s face instantly became paler……

“Leng Qing, what is it?  Let’s quickly have over.”  Ji Wu Ye didn’t feel that this matter was strange at all, he reached out to pull Fang Leng Qing out of the forest.

“Young master Ji, I thought of another matter.  You head over first, I’ll come over soon.” Fang Leng Qing’s head was already covered by some sweat and her slightly pale face forced out a faint smile.

“Alright then, quickly come back, senior Yan and I will be waiting for you.”  Ji Wu Ye excitedly ran out of the forest after saying this.


When Ji Wu Ye ran out, Yan Hua whose hand was being burned by the Beast Flame cried out again.

This cry was even more intense compared to before, even Fang Leng Qing could hear it clearly where she currently was.

“This is bad!”  Fang Leng Qing heard this familiar voice and realized something was wrong.  The one crying out was actually Yan Hua!

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