Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 266

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Chapter 266: I want to stay with master!

The turquoise flames on Ye Yu Xi still burned brightly.

Huo Ling didn’t immediately reply to Long Xiao Pang, he just stood there thinking before speaking in an unprecedented firm voice, “If master doesn’t leave, I won’t leave!  I want to stay with master!”

After saying this, Huo Ling flew away from Long Xiao Pang’s side and landed closer to Ye Yu Xi.

Long Xiao Pang heard Huo Ling’s words and revealed a smile.  He never thought this little dumb bird would be still quite loyal.

The flames around Ye Yu Xi didn’t weaken at all.  Long Xian Pang’s eyes kept looking around, as more and more worry appeared at the bottom of his eyes.

“Don’t come…..Don’t come……”

Long Xiao Pang kept silently praying, but reality broke Long Xiao Pang’s wishes.

Si, si——Hua, la, la——

“Huo Ling, quickly go and find out what it is!”  Long Xiao Pang heard the sound of tree branches breaking in the distance and his face fell.

Huo Ling also felt strange, flapping his wings to head into the sky.

In less than a minute, Huo Ling flew back and he quickly shouted, “Little human ginseng, there’s a snake!  It’s a really big snake!”

This was bad!

Long Xiao Pang’s face fell.  He turned back to look at Ye Yu Xi.  The turquoise flames around her had weakened a bit, but to completely disappear, it seemed like it would need another hour!

“Little human ginseng, what to do, what to do.”  Huo Ling flew around in the air. Huo Ling wasn’t worried about himself since he could fly, but his master…..

“Huo Ling, where is the snake?”  Long Xiao Pang took several deep breaths to calm himself down.  Huo Ling’s little bit of skills in front of the spirit beast would be no use, so he could only rely on himself this time.

Huo Ling flew several meters into the air and looked over the mountain, shouting to Long Xiao Pang, “The snake will be here soon.”

Long Xiao Pang wanted to reach out and form a seal.  When he made two actions, he realized that to hide his aura, he had applied the Nine Seals on himself, sealing most of his spiritual energy.

Long Xiao Pang’s brain quickly turned, thinking of defensive measures he could use.

Long Xiao Pang was the Seven Star Blue Dragon Ginseng, he didn’t have any attack abilities, but that didn’t mean he didn’t have any defensive abilities.  Normal Beast Flames couldn’t harm his body at all, that was enough to see how strong Long Xiao Pang’s defenses were.

But right now Long Xiao Pang didn’t need to protect himself or Huo Ling, he had to protect Ye Yu Xi who was swallowing the Beast Flame!

Si, si, si, si!

While Long Xiao Pang was thinking, the ten meter long Snow Spine Copper Marked Snake King had already arrived in front of this mountain.

The Snow Spine Copper Marked Snake King kept sticking out its tongue.  It had met many small and weak spirit beasts on the way here, but it didn’t care about them and focused on coming here.

The Snow Spine Copper Marked Snake King was not here to help the Jade Toad Blood Crystal Python.  It could tell from the Jade Toad Blood Crystal Python’s angry roar that this mountain’s king was heavily heart.

If it could reach it in time, it would have the chance to swallow the Jade Toad Blood Crystal Python’s demon core!

At that time, the Snow Spine Copper Marked Snake King could take this chance to evolve into a Blood Crystal Python and become the new king of the Serpentine Mountains!

The two yellow eyes of the Snow Spine Copper Marked Snake King saw Ye Yu Xi covered in flames and it let out a hissing sound.

Long Xiao Pang saw the giant snake in front and his face fell.  He said to Huo Ling, “Come over!”

Long Xiao Pang’s hands quickly formed a seal.

Huo Ling had just fallen onto Ye Yu Xi’s shoulder when Long Xiao Pang finished his seal.  The spiritual energy in his body was condensed in his palms as the seal suddenly fell to the ground and he shouted, “Rise!”

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