Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 267

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Chapter 267: Xuanwu Seal

Hong, long, long!

Large amount of mud and gravel were raised by Long Xiao Pang’s spiritual energy!

“Shield!”  Long Xiao Pang’s hand seal changed as he shouted out again.

The dirt quickly gathered above Ye Yu Xi and Huo Ling.

In the blink of an eye, the dirt completely surrounded Long Xiao Pang, Huo Ling, and Ye Yu Xi.

The dirt under the control of spiritual energy was like a giant pot, covering Long Xiao Pang and the others.

Looking from outside, it was like a giant turtle shell!

“Little human ginseng, what is this?”  Huo Ling looked at the black dirt around him.  He used his wing to touch it and it felt very firm.

“This is the Xuanwu Seal, it’s a hand seal used for defense.”  Long Xiao Pang let out a sigh of relief, it’s a good thing he was in time.

When Long Xiao Pang said this, the dirt wall suddenly shook.

Pa, pa!

The Snow Spine Copper Marked Snake King’s giant tail fell onto Long Xiao Pang’s Xuanwu Seal.

The Snow Spine Copper Marked Snake King saw Ye Yu Xi swallowing the Beast Flame and the demon core in Ye Yu Xi’s hand.  As long as it swallowed Ye Yu Xi, it could refine her with its spiritual energy and evolve into a Blood Crystal Python.

When it was about to succeed, there was suddenly a large amount of dirt that protected its “prey”, suddenly angering the Snow Spine Copper Marked Snake King.

The Snow Spine Copper Marked Snake King kept moving around the “turtle shell” Long Xiao Pang made.  From time to time it used its tail to attack the “turtle shell”, but it couldn’t find any weak spots.

“Little human ginseng, how long does master still need.”  Huo Ling nervously looked up as bits of dirt kept falling from the dirt wall above them.

Long Xiao Pang was completely focused on his “turtle shell”, so he casually said, “There’s still half an hour at least if she’s quick.”


With another deep sound, the “turtle shell” shook again.

With each tremor, Long Xiao Pang and Huo Ling’s breathing stopped.  It was a good thing the dirt wall was considered firm.

Long Xiao Pang placed a hand on the dirt wall and felt the “turtle shell’s” situation.

This was bad!

The Nine Seals had suppressed too much of his spiritual energy, this Xuanwu Seal didn’t even have a hundredth of its normal strength.  Like this, with another few hits, the Xuanwu Seal would have no effect any longer!

Long Xiao Pang’s face was filled with worry, but he couldn’t do anything now.

Even if he lifted the Nine Seals, it couldn’t be done for a while and it was already too late!

Long Xiao Pang could only pray in his heart now.  He could only hope that Ye Yu Xi swallowed the Beast Flame faster.  As long as Ye Yu Xi recovered her battle strength, everyone would be fine.

Otherwise if that damn little snake outside when crazy, he and Huo Ling couldn’t beat it together.

Long Xiao Pang was praying when there was suddenly a strange sound that came from the wall!


“Ah!”  Huo Ling suddenly saw several fractures above him and he flew up in shock.  In his panic, he slammed his head into the dirt wall and bounced right back down onto the ground.

“Wu, wu~~It hurts so much.”  Huo Ling chirped in a depressed voice.

Not caring about Huo Ling, Long Xiao Pang placed a hand on the wall.  He worked hard to inject his spiritual energy into the wall, fixing the cracks and making the “turtle shell” even stronger.

The Snow Spine Copper Marked Snake King kept going around the “turtle shell”.

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