Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 265

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Chapter 265: Beast Soul?

Examining it, she found that in the beast core, there was a little turquoise flame jumping.  It was the same colour as the flames the Jade Toad Blood Crystal Python spat out earlier.

“How do I swallow it?”  Ye Yu Xi looked over at Long Xiao Pang.  She had what she needed, now how would she swallow it.

Ye Yu Xi could use her mental energy to sense that the demon core in her hand was currently dissipating.  After a while, it would completely disappear without a trace.

Long Xiao Pang didn’t answer Ye Yu Xi’s question, rather he placed his eyes in front of the demon core.

After looking at it for a while, Long Xiao Pang revealed a faint smile as he said to Ye Yu Xi, “No wonder that little snake could evolve from a Blood Crystal Python to a Jade Toad Blood Crystal Python, your luck isn’t bad.  Although this Beast Flame is average, that snake should have found a chance and actually evolved a Beast Soul.”

Beast Soul?

Ye Yu Xi was stunned.  What was a Beast Soul……

“Every spirit beast that forms a Beast Flame will have a rare chance to condense a Beast Soul inside their demon core.  The form of the Beast Soul is the form of the Beast Flame.” Long Xiao Pang knew that Ye Yu Xi didn’t understand, so he directly explained it.

Ye Yu Xi’s eyes looked into the beast core.  As expected, the little flame inside was in the shape of a little snake that was coiled up.

“What is the difference between a Beast Flame with a Beast Soul and a normal Beast Flame?”  Ye Yu Xi said.

Since there was only a rare chance to condense a Beast Soul, there would definitely be some benefits to it.  Otherwise, it wouldn’t be that rare.

“A powerful Beast Flame with a Beast Soul has a strength that can match a normal Strange Flame.”  Long Xiao Pang looked Huo Ling on Ye Yu Xi’s shoulder.


Ye Yu Xi took a cold breath.

A Beast Soul was actually this important, it could raise the power of the Beast Flame to the level of a Strange Flame?!

Ye Yu Xi thought of the «Dark Poison God’s Art» she cultivated.  The Dark Poison God’s Art depended on swallowing natural treasures, so she wouldn’t know what level it would reach after she swallowed the Beast Flame.

“You just cultivate like normal.  Use your spiritual energy to guide the Beast Flame inside the demon core into your body and let the the Beast Flame enter you.”  Long Xiao Pang said this while looking around.

Ye Yu Xi listened to Long Xiao Pang explain the use of the Extreme Ice Grass.  Under Long Xiao Pang’s urging, Ye Yu Xi sat down and began to refine the Beast Flame.

She took the Extreme Ice Grass into her body and while she wasn’t frozen solid, Ye Yu Xi quickly used her spiritual energy to pull the flame out of the Beast Core and into her body.

The heat of the Beast Flame and cold of the Extreme Ice Grass neutralized each other.  Ye Yu Xi was completely surrounded by the Beast Flame and she was like a flame person, but Ye Yu Xi was protected by the Extreme Ice Grass, so she was safe from head to toe.

While Ye Yu Xi was refining the Beast Flame, there was the Snow Spine Copper Marked Snake King that was currently slithering up the mountain.

Long Xiao Pang looked at Ye Yu Xi being enveloped by the turquoise beast flame and kept chanting, “Don’t come…..Don’t come……”

“Little human ginseng, what are you muttering?”  The bored Huo Ling saw Long Xiao Pang talking to himself.

“Huo Ling, there will be danger in a while, quickly run.”  Long Xiao Pang didn’t call Huo Ling little dumb bird, speaking in a rare serious voice.

Huo Ling blinked as he looked at Long Xiao Pang before looking back at Ye Yu Xi.  He chirped, “Then what about master?”

“She can’t move.  Once she moves, she will be swallowed by the Beast Flame.”  Long Xiao Pang looked over Ye Yu Xi.

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