Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 241

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Chapter 241: Snow Shadow City’s City Lord’s son

“Two young misses, have you come to the Heaven Mountain Range to train yourselves or are you here to look for some herbs or spirit beasts?”  Old Hong asked Ye Yu Xi. Although the two of them were wearing cloaks and bamboo hats, going by their figures and their walk, they were definitely not male.

Ye Yu Xi replied in a hoarse voice, “Our senior is very ill, so we came by the Family’s Head’s orders to come to the mountain to find some herbs.”

“I thought the two young misses came to collect herbs for the Alchemist Selection Meet.”  Yan Hao casually said from the side.

Alchemist Selection Meet?

Ye Yu Xi’s mind moved.  This was her first time hearing about matters concerning alchemists and after thinking about it, she decided to ask, “What is the Alchemist Selection Meet young master Yan mentioned?”

Yan Hao’s shoulder visibly stiffened instantly.  It was clear that Ye Yu Xi’s reply was a bit unexpected by Yan Hao.

“This miss actually doesn’t know?”  Yao Hao revealed a surprised look.

Ye Yu Xi gave an “un” sound.

Yan Hao and Old Hong looked at each other, a little confused about what Ye Yu Xi meant.

It sounded like this person wasn’t lying, but to come to the depths of the Heaven Mountain Range and heading in the direction of the Serpentine Mountain Range, the two of them would not believe it if it wasn’t for the Alchemist Selection Meet.

Old Hong laughed, “It is normal if this miss does not know.  If I may ask, where is this miss from? My family’s young master is the Snow Shadow City’s City Lord’s eldest son, we have come this time to prepare for the Alchemist Selection Meet.”

The Snow Shadow City’s City Lord’s son?

It seems like the other side’s background was not small.

Ye Yu Xi said, “We are Ningyuan City’s people.  As for the Alchemist Selection Meet you two mentioned, I really don’t know and hope that you two can explain it.”

“This miss has heard of the Medicine King Valley before?”  Mentioning the three words Medicine King Valley, Yan Hao revealed a look of awe like he was mentioning a sacred place.

“The Medicine King Valley is famous across the continent, naturally I’ve heard of it before.  Could it be the Alchemist Selection Meet is held by the Medicine King Valley?” Ye Yu Xi was a bit surprised.

The Medicine King Valley, the one thing the Medicine King Valley didn’t lack were alchemists.  To join that place, one had to at least be a second grade alchemist.

Yan Hao shook his head, “Although the Medicine King Valley isn’t holding the Alchemist Selection Meet, it is held by the Medicine King Valley’s subordinate Alchemist Academy to find outer disciples.  If this miss is not in a rush, you can pass another two mountains with us and you’ll know at that time.”

Ye Yu Xi nodded.  She had to go to the Serpentine Mountain Range anyway, so she was going the same way as them.  It didn’t hurt to go with them for now, at most she could just give an excuse to leave once they reached the Serpentine Mountain Range.

Ye Yu Xi and Qing’er followed these people over a few mountains and standing at the peak, they looked down.


Seeing the scene in front of her, Ye Yu Xi’s eyes revealed a stunned look.

At a empty spot at the foot of the mountain, there were hundreds of large and small tents, as well as quite a few people living in them.  Most people lived in the same camp, but looking at their clothes, these people were all wearing different things and the tents were divided into groups.  It seemed like they weren’t a single group.

Old Hong and Yan Hao saw the tents in the distance and they let out a sigh of relief, as they relaxed.

Yan Hao said to Ye Yu Xi beside him with a smile, “It seems like we can rest tonight, this place should be considered safe.”

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