Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 229

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Chapter 229: Snow Shadow City’s people

“Waiter, what are the specialties!  Bring some over!”

“Old fifth, finish this bowl!”

A variety of voices filled the hall.

Ye Yu Xi’s group moved through the hall and sat down near the wall.

“Boss, there’s something wrong.”  The fatty just sat down and spoke to Ye Yu Xi in a small voice, as if he was afraid others would hear him.

Ye Yu Xi looked at the people eating in the hall and felt it was a bit off, but she couldn’t tell why.  Hearing the fatty’s voice, she replied in a small voice, “You also think so?”

The fatty nodded.

Seeing the two of them like this, Shi Qing and Qing’er became nervous.  The fatty and the boss both felt it was strange, then there must be a problem.

The fatty looked around and made sure no one was paying attention to them before leaning over the table as he spoke in a small voice, “Boss, you don’t know this, but I have been to many places as a thief.  A few tables over to the east, if I’m not wrong, they should be Snow Shadow City’s people?”

“Snow Shadow City?”  Qing’er’s brows jumped up.  She didn’t remember there being this city near Ningyuan City, but this name sounded very familiar.

Ye Yu Xi slightly knit her brows.  Why would Snow Shadow City’s people be here?

The fatty saw Qing’er’s expression and explained in a small voice, “Snow Shadow City, Mountain City, Spirit Shadow City, Breaking Wind City, and our Ningyuan City are the five major cities of our Ice Mist Country other than the royal capital.  Other than Mountain City and Spirit Shadow City to the northwest, the other cities are all close to the Heaven Mountain Range. They were Snow Shadow City’s people, so why did they come to our Ningyuan City’s mountain entrance?”

With the fatty’s explanation, Qing’er and Shi Qing understood why this was strange.  Snow Shadow City wasn’t that different from Ningyuan City, they can also enter the Heaven Mountain Range, so why did they come so far?

“Also there are those mercenaries.  Look at their uniforms, those three tables are all once mercenary group.”  The fatty secretly looked at the noisy mercenaries.

Qing’er looked at the mercenaries the fatty mentioned and after a while, she didn’t find anything strange.  They were just mercenaries!

“They are not mercenaries of Ningyuan City, they came from outside.”  Ye Yu Xi said in a low voice.

“Came from outside?”

Qing’er and Shi Qing were stunned at the same time.  The young miss had her back to the mercenaries and she couldn’t even see their faces, how could she know they came from outside?!

“Ningyuan City’s mercenaries stay at the Heaven Mountain Range all year, so they are frequent guests of this inn, they are all incredibly familiar with the waiters and the boss.  When we came in, the mercenaries near the door asked what were the specialties. If they were Ningyuan City mercenaries, they wouldn’t have asked and directly ordered.”

Ye Yu Xi told her analysis in a single breath.  She began to silently think, these people coming here was a bit strange!

Qing’er heard what Ye Yu Xi said and she revealed a trace of shame.  She had been with the young miss this long and although her cultivation was stronger than before, in terms of brains, not to mention the young miss, she couldn’t even compare to the fatty……

Shi Qing’s mind was filled with shock!

What kind of person was the young miss?!  Just based on a few words, she could tell all these things?!

When they were speaking, several large men came in.  They were very bulky and didn’t seem like good people.

“It’s the Three Evils from South City!  It’s been several days since we’ve seen them.”

“Aiyo, the people are there are finished.  The South City’s Three Evils have booked that table all year round, there will be trouble soon.”

When the South City’s Three Evils the mercenaries mentioned came in, they said, “Waiter, old rules.  Also add in a plate of beef and three kinds of donkey!”

The three finished ordering their dishes and looked at the table they booked year round in the corner.

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