Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 207

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Chapter 207: Returning to the yard to invite guests

Ye Wen spoke first, “Young miss, Ye Man and I have been monitoring the small courtyard and the seventh prince’s watchers suddenly left.  Yesterday evening and this morning, the City Lord’s wife and Mo Tian Chou both came.”

“Is there anything else?”  Ye Yu Xi knit her brows. The visits of the Primary Martial Auction Hall and the City Lord’s wife was within her expectations, but why did the seventh prince remove his watchers?  Properly speaking, they should be finding a reason and bringing people to fight their way in.

“Boss, should we head back?  Other than the old man surnamed Yan in the Ye Manor, the other forces in the city can’t move against us.”  The fatty had a serious expression as he spoke in a deep voice.

Ye Yu Xi waved her hand, “This matter isn’t rushed, let me think.  That’s right, is Shi Qing still in the small yard?”

They nodded.

Ye Yu Xi came up with a risky plan, “Ye Wen, go to the Silent House and invite the City Lord’s wife to our small yard.  Fatty, go to the Primary Martial Auction Hall and invite Mo Tian Chou and the person behind him over. Be careful not to cause trouble.”

Ye Wen and the fatty nodded before turning to leave.

“Young miss, what do you need me to do?”  Qing’er saw that Ye Wen and the fatty both had tasks and there was only her and the young miss left.  She felt a bit lost in her heart.

Ye Yu Xi tapped her finger on the table and considered this, “Qing’er, go to the restaurant and order a table full of dishes, have them send it to our small yard at noon.  Ningyuan City, it’s time for our sisters to appear!”

Yesterday Ye Yu Xi had caused trouble at the Ye Manor’s rite of passage in front of all those families and powers, so now Ningyuan City was filled with flying rumours.

Since she decided to cast away this waste name, instead of being silent and lowkey, it was better to show herself off.  She would make it so those people couldn’t see through her real plans.

Ye Yu Xi examined her injuries and felt it was already alright.

After paying for the room, she parted ways with Qing’er at the entrance of the inn.

Ye Yu Xi walked back to her own small yard and the streets were much more lively than usual.  The reason for all of this was the three words “Ye Yu Xi”.

Ye Yu Xi found Ye Man at the door and the two of them went in together.

Doing a simple cleaning, they went into the side room to see the sleeping Shi Qing.  Shi Qing was still the same as when they left, nothing changing at all.

The two of them just waited for the guests to come.

The first one back was Qing’er.  When Qing’er came in, she saw Ye Man and the young miss drinking tea in the gazebo and happily said, “Young miss, do you know what all the guests were talking about when I entered the restaurant?”

“What were they talking about?”  Ye Man’s eyes focused as she spoke in a cold voice.  Right now, Ye Yu Xi was Ye Man’s most important person and if those people dared try to take Ye Yu Xi, she would directly kill them.

Ye Yu Xi was however very indifferent as she could already guess what they were talking about, but…..it didn’t hurt to hear it.  They had to pass the time anyway. She pointed at the stone bench to the side and had Qing’er sit down to slowly talk about it.

“Young miss, let me tell you, the people in the restaurant are all saying that old bastard Ye Xing Yong is blind, being a waste of a family head.  They’re also saying that the young miss has recovered her talent and that the Ye Manor treated the young miss like that before was because they were jealous of the young miss’ talent….”  Qing’er exaggerated the “discussion” those people had in the restaurant.

Ye Yu Xi passed the time listening to this.  Soon the door was opened.

“Young miss.”  Ye Wen first came in and greeted her.

“How is it with the City Lord’s wife?”  Ye Yu Xi asked.

“They said they would come soon.”  Ye Wen sat down with Qing’er.

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