Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 198

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Chapter 198: Blood Enchantress appears

The hearts of the people in the audience stand all shook.  Other than the recently famous Blood Enchantress group, there was no one else who dressed like this!  Blood Enchantress had suddenly appeared, it wouldn’t be for…..Everyone look at the stage.

Shua, shua, shua!

Ah, ah, ah!

When everyone’s eyes moved to the stage, they saw an even more bloody scene.

A black figure floated to under the stage.  Of the hundreds of guards that had surrounded Ye Yu Xi before, the hundred survivors were standing off the stage.  A black figure passed through this group of a hundred.

For a while, pitiful screams were heard.  The sound of the short sword slashing across the necks of the guards sounded like music.


A final slash split the last standing guard in half and the black figure finally stopped.

A black cloak, a bloody rose, and a silver skull, Blood Enchantress!

If the previous mysterious person was just a coincidence, the pattern on the cloak of the person who just made a move to the side of the stage completely broke this coincidence in the minds of these people.

Ye Xing Yong standing on the stage saw the black clothed person charging in and was also shocked.  The other side had killed the seventh prince and the City Lord concubine’s people, it was enough to prove…..These people were not here to help him.

Suddenly, Ye Xing Yong looked at Ye Yu Xi who had been injured by his palm.  Were they here because of her? Ye Xing Yong made his decision, he would keep Ye Yu Xi even if he had to give up his old life.  There were many people in the city who wanted to invite the Blood Enchantress group, but couldn’t, so how could a waste like her do it!

He had to kill Ye Yu Xi!  Ye Xing Yong’s hand holding the blade tightened and his eyes looking at Ye Yu Xi was filled with rage, as well as a trace of decisiveness!

Wa, ha, ha——

When Ye Xing Yong wanted to make a move, that slightly horrifying laugh rang out again.


Another dark figure fell from the sky and firmly landed on the ground!


With a flick of his cloak, he held cold glowing blade in his hand and placed the tip on the ground.  The cloak fluttered in the wind and he looked somewhat like a rogue swordsman, looking quite chic.

Qing’er and Ye Yu Xi instantly recognized this person.

Qing’er didn’t say anything, but she said to the fatty in her mind, “What, what are you doing!”

The fatty didn’t move and responded to Ye Yu Xi and Qing’er in his mind, “How about it, my method of appearing isn’t bad, right!  Just wait a bit, I have something for the seventh dog.”

Ye Yu Xi swallowed an Origin Returning Pill and recovered her internal wounds.  

The fatty looked over Ye Xing Yong in front of him and rich killing intent and aura locked onto Ye Xing Yong.  He gave a hoarse cold laugh, “What, does Family Head Ye want to exchange moves with me?”

Ye Xing Yong’s forehead was covered in a few drops of cold sweat.  The mysterious man in front of him didn’t have strong spiritual energy fluctuations, even being weaker than his own, but Ye Xing Yong could vaguely sense that if he did force his move, perhaps he would die by that blade.

The fatty saw that Ye Xing Yong in front of him didn’t dare move and his lips curled under the cloak.  He was thinking, this Blood Enchantress name was really easy to use.

His eyes swept over the audience stands.  There was a flash of light in his palm under the cloak and a round thing appeared in his hand.  He threw it at the audience stand and shouted in a hoarse voice, “This is for you!”

Gu, lu, lu~~

The round thing rolled to the seventh prince’s feet.

The seventh prince looked down and unconsciously took a step back.  There was a person’s head under his feet! Moreover, he recognized it, it was the hundred man commander who led the five hundred imperial guards!

“There’s no need to wait, your five hundred imperial guards have already gone to see the king of hell!”  The fatty looked at the seventh prince, his aura was not weak at all.

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