Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 199

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Chapter 199: Retreat (Part 1)

When the fatty was speaking, Ye Wen and Ye Man jumped onto the stage, moving to Ye Yu Xi’s left and right.

Yan Hua’s cold eyes fell onto the people on stage and he said to the seventh prince and Fang Leng Qing on the side, “Do you feel those people’s cloaks are very familiar?”

The seventh prince had been focused on the other sides Blood Enchantress identity and considering their goal, so he didn’t care about anything else.

Fang Leng Qing angrily looked at Ye Yu Xi on stage.  She admitted that her strength wasn’t that different from Ye Yu Xi’s and she had been careless, so she fell for Ye Yu Xi’s trick and lost by a move.  She also didn’t pay attention to the mysterious people who had just appeared.

When the seventh prince and Fang Leng Qing were reminded by Yan Hua, they carefully looked over the mysteriously cloaked people on stage.

Suddenly, the seventh prince thought of the two assassins from the rainy night!

“The ones who tried to assassinate your highness that night was them!”  Yan Hua reminded in a cold voice.

The seventh prince watched the scene and saw that the various families were all maintaining an observant position.  He could only cup his hand to Yan Hua, “Elder Yan, I’m afraid your old self has to make a move today.”

Yan Hua indifferently stood there, not planning to help, but not saying he wouldn’t help.  He just kept watching the stage in front of him.

The seventh prince saw Yan Hua’s stance and cursed this old fox in his heart.  He had a smile on his face as he added, “After this matter, elder Yan won’t be lacking in benefits.”

Yan Hua was silent for two seconds before taking a soft breath.  His eyelid jumped up once and indifferently said, “In the current world, even cats and dogs dare to come out and cause trouble.  If they don’t suffer a bit, they’ll think they are invincible in this world!’

After saying this, Yan Hua moved towards the stage.  With each step, his aura became stronger.

When Yan Hua moved, the fatty’s expression instantly became serious.  His heart was alert and he said in his mind to Ye Yu xi and the others, “Boss, this is bad.  This old man is strong, what should we do!”

“Young miss, this old man is the one who injured big sister Man that night.  He’s very strong.” Ye Wen said in her mind.

Ye Yu Xi looked at Yan Hua and remembered his face deeply in her mind.  Since the other side had harmed her people and was on the seventh prince’s side, this Yan Hua’s end was already decided!

The third prince wanted to say something, but seeing the Mingyue Sect’s people making a move, he swallowed his words back into his stomach.  For a Ye Yu Xi that had just burst onto the scene, he would have to offend the Mingyue Sect that could rival the Ice Mist Country’s royal family.  This was very serious, so the third prince hesitated. After considering it, he chose to remain silent.

Yan Hua moved to the stage step by step.  He didn’t move fast, but the pressure in the air gradually increased and the people on the scene felt it was becoming harder to breathe.

The fatty waved the cold glowing blade in his hand, “Boss, what do we do?  Do we retreat first or fight him!”

Ye Yu Xi looked at the people in the stands “watching the play”.  She had already accomplished her goal today, tomorrow, the entire city would know that the “Ye Manor’s young miss Ye Yu Xi had recovered her talent, showing herself off at the rite of passage.  She had announced that she was leaving the family to fend for herself”.”

From now on, there would no longer be a waste Ye Yu Xi in Ningyuan City!

“Retreat!”  Ye Yu Xi said in her mind to these people.  Although Ye Yu Xi felt that she could defeat the person in front of her if she used all her strength, like this, Ye Wen, Ye Man, and the others would be surrounded.  To show off temporarily and cause her sisters to fall into danger, that was not Ye Yu Xi’s style.

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