Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 191

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Chapter 191: To take care of you, three moves are enough (Part 2)

Slapping a palm into the stone floor, Ye Bing Fan stood up.

There was a trace of pain on her face, but Ye Bing Fan’s aura kept increasing!

Oh?  A pill?

Some powerful people saw Ye Bing Fan’s appearance and with Ye Bing Fan’s increasing aura, it seems like it was about to become more fun.  Looking at Ye Bing Fan’s appearance, it looked like she couldn’t co-exist with Ye Yu Xi!

Ye Yu Xi raised a brow and looked at the grave looking Ye Bing Fan.  She gave a laugh of disdain and didn’t immediately make a move. She just stood there waiting for Ye Bing Fan to completely absorb the power of the pill.

Today, Ye Yu Xi would use her strongest form to prove herself!

From this day forth, Ye Yu Xi would no longer be a waste!


The pill in her mouth finally turned into medicinal strength and entered Ye Bing Fan’s body.  There was even some surplus medicinal power that came out of Ye Bing Fan’s pores, turning into a white aura that surrounded Ye Bing Fan.

Ye Bing Fan was panting and her voice was a bit hoarse, “Ye Yu Xi, you’re dead!”

When Ye Yu Xi heard Ye Bing Fan’s voice, she gave a laugh of disdain.  It was actually a poor quality pill! If it was a high quality pill, it would not produce this kind of effect after it was ingested!

Ye Yu Xi’s eyes suddenly changed!  They became two arrows filled with killing intent.  She disappeared from her original position.

Ye Bing Fan’s current strength was in the seventh spiritual level and could see Ye Yu Xi’s movement.  Ye Bing Fan’s face turned fierce! Her hands kept sweeping out as spiritual energy swept out at Ye Yu Xi, trying to stop her movement.

When Ye Bing Fan released her spiritual energy, the white aura around her became more and more rich.  There was a ten meter area that was already covered in the white aura.

Ye Yu Xi did not care about the spiritual energy sweeping out at her.  She rotated spiritual energy all around her body and charged into the white mist.


There was an intense aura released from the white mist and it swept out in all directions like a strong wind.

This aura had also blown away the mist aura Ye Bing Fan had released!

The entire field seemed to stop breathing as they all focused on the scene on the stage.

That white mist slowly scattered as two figures slowly appeared on the stage.

Ye Yu Xi was standing with a single hand on Ye Bing Fan’s neck, holding her up.

Ye Yu Xi’s clothes was a bit messy, but her aura was still strong as a mountain, not diminishing at all!

Ye Yu Xi looked at Ye Bing Fan, speaking in a soft voice that was like a death god’s voice, “To take care of someone of your level, three moves are enough.”

Ye Bing Fan’s hand fell to her sides, allowing Ye Yu Xi to lift her up.

Her eyes were filled with despair and they were even a bit stunned.  The attack this battle had on Ye Bing Fan was just too big!


Ye Yu Xi flicked her arm and Ye Bing Fan who was like a dead corpse was thrown out of the stage.  Her eyes swept over everyone and she shouted, “Who still isn’t convinced! You can come up and fight!”

No one dared to move…..

Faced with Ye Yu Xi’s words of contempt, the over a thousand Ye Manor disciples did not dare move at all!

Ningyuan City’s number one genius Ye Bing Fan couldn’t last three rounds at Ye Yu Xi’s hands, who still dared to challenge her?  Wasn’t this seeking death! There were many ways to commit suicide, they didn’t need to pick this method!

“Since you’re not speaking, I, Ye Yu Xi have some things to say to you today!”  Ye Yu Xi looked over everyone. From the disciples of the branch families to the various powers in the stands, Ye Yu Xi’s eyes swept over them one by one.

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