Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 190

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Chapter 190: To take care of you, three moves are enough (Part 1)

Ye Bing Fan used one move after the other and each one was a killing move.  Each one was about to hit Ye Ye Xi, but they all missed in the end.

After several dozen rounds, Ye Bing Fan’s head was already covered in sweat and she finally stopped attacking.  She stood there panting as she looked at Ye Yu Xi.

The distance between the two of them never seemed to change.

Ye Yu Xi licked her lips and softly said, “I’m done playing, three moves.”

When Ye Bing Fan heard Ye Yu Xi say three moves, she couldn’t react for a while.  After a period of being stunned, Ye Yu Xi had disappeared from her sights!

“So fast!”  Fang Leng Qing in the audience stands was shocked.  Even her eyes could only barely keep up with Ye Yu Xi’s movements.

Ye Bing Fan was still in the fifth spiritual level.  After being slightly stunned, she immediately reacted.  Her hands came in front of her and she assumed a defensive position.

When Ye Bing Fan prepared her defense, Ye Yu Xi’s attack had arrived.  It was another kick that swept out!


When the kick hit Ye Bing Fan’s arm’s, there was a deep impact sound.  Ye Bing Fan was sent flying out by this force, but she didn’t fly off the stage into the crowd like Ye Qi Zhi before.

The current Ye Bing Fan’s eyes were filled with disbelief.  She could feel her arm ache, how was this possible! She was in the peak fifth spiritual level!  That waste Ye Yu Xi was in the fourth spiritual level, why couldn’t she take a single move from her!

When Ye Bing Fan’s body flew out, Ye Yu Xi was not idle.  She caught up to Ye Bing Fan and gave a cold laugh, “I mean to solve something of this level, three moves are enough!”

In the blink of an eye, when Ye Yu Xi finished speaking, in front of Ye Bing Fan’s shocked eyes, Ye Yu Xi’s palm landed on her stomach.  Ye Bing Fan’s body changed directions as she flew out another ten meters in another direction.

With a putong sound, she landed on the ground and couldn’t stand up for a long time.

When Ye Yu Xi made her second move, the entire area was silent!

The people present were stunned, even including the third prince and Mo Tian Chou currently had strange looks on their faces.  Ye Bing Fang was in the peak of the fifth spiritual level, but just two moves? Two moves was enough to defeat her?

The faces of many people in the audience stands revealed secret looks of joy.  Ye Yu Xi and Ye Bing Fan signed the life and death agreement and the entire city knew of Ye Yu Xi being chased out of the Ye Manor several years ago.  With this kind of situation, it was impossible for Ye Yu Xi to help the Ye Manor.

If Ye Yu Xi killed Ye Bing Fan today and the Ye Manor lost this genius, the Ye Manor could only be a first rate power at most and could never rule Ningyuan City.  At that time, it would be very beneficial for their families.

The seventh prince hesitated a bit before standing up to move beside Fang Leng Qing and Yan Hua.  In that short exchange just now, Ye Bing Fan had been instantly defeated and the seventh prince couldn’t sit still.  If he couldn’t make Ye Yu Xi stay here today, she would be a very big obstacle in his marriage to Jia Qiong! Moreover, this obstacle was becoming bigger and bigger!

Ye Bing Fan was sprawled on the stage looking down, with eyes filled with hatred!

She was not willing!

Over the past ten years, she had always be the genius of Ningyuan City, people even said she had the chance to enter a super sect like the Mingyue Sect to cultivate.  She who was a genius, how could she lose at the hands of a waste!

And this waste was someone she couldn’t even bother to care about in the past!

Ye Bing Fan’s hand went into her sleeve and she took out the Spirit Tiger Pill her father had given her.  There was a sharp look that flashed in her eyes as she resolutely placed the Spirit Tiger Pill into her mouth.

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