Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 187

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Chapter 187: Benefits of a solid foundation

Mo Tian Chou looked at Ye Yu Xi pouring spiritual energy into the Spirit Testing Stone and tentatively replied, “Reporting to your highness.  I feel that Ye Yu Xi’s strength should be at least in the fifth spiritual level, otherwise she can’t fight against Housekeeper Qiu.”

The third prince nodded, smiling without saying anything.


On the stage, the Spirit Testing Stone filled with spiritual energy began to show the level of Ye Yu Xi’s spiritual energy.

The colour of Ye Yu Xi’s spiritual energy was different from normal people’s.  Most of the spiritual energy of the people before was a foggy white and people with stronger power had a richer white, even Ye Bing Fan known as a genius was not any different.

The old housekeeper thought that Ye Yu Xi was just playing around and didn’t have any strength, but when she injected her spiritual energy, the old housekeeper’s expression slowly became solemn.

Ye Yu Xi’s spiritual energy was slowly inject.  That second spiritual level mark was already lit up and it still kept moving up.

After Ye Yu Xi’s spiritual energy reached the second level, the old housekeeper watched the Spirit Testing Stone without looking away.  It was still increasing, reaching the third spiritual level!

The old housekeeper’s breathing became faster.  Others didn’t know, but as the Ye Manor’s housekeeper, he knew that Ye Yu Xi was only a waste who couldn’t even eat her fill who lived on for the sake of living.  How could it be that in the blink of an eye…..

Ye Yu Xi did not reveal any surprise.  The spiritual energy within her began to rotate a bit faster and the increase on the Spirit Testing Stone became faster.

Fourth spiritual level!

The old housekeeper felt his legs begin to tremble a bit!

Three months, fourth spiritual level, what kind of talent was this?  Impossible, Ye Yu Xi must have hid her cultivation before. Although the old housekeeper tried comforting himself like this, there was still a large doubt in his heart…..Could it be the Ye Manor’s people were all blind before?

Ye Yu Xi knew her own level, so she didn’t pay attention to the spiritual energy intensity.  She mainly focused on the colour of her spiritual energy.

Ye Yu Xi found that her spiritual energy was silver!  The spiritual energy of those people before were white!

Moreover, the visual aspect was much more different, her spiritual energy gave people a more pure feeling.  The spiritual energy Ye Bing Fan and the others had were more mist like, giving people a vague feeling!

Ye Yu Xi looked at the colour of her spiritual energy and a trace of joy flashed in her eyes.  This was the benefit of a solid foundation! In order to stabilize her foundation, she had gone from the peak of the eighth spiritual level down to the third spiritual level.  Although her strength was greatly reduced, the benefits it brought could be seen by the naked eye.

After a while, when the Spirit Testing Stone steadily showed that Ye Yu Xi was in the peak fourth spiritual level, Ye Yu Xi slowly took her hand back.

The old housekeeper that disdained Ye Yu Xi before was currently looking at the spot in a daze, as if he didn’t dare believe what he was seeing.

“You can announce the test results.”  Ye Yu Xi softly said, with a bit of contempt in her voice.

Towards people who looked down on her, Ye Yu Xi naturally would not give them face.

“Ah, oh, oh.”  The old housekeeper was still stunned and couldn’t react.

Opening his mouth, he didn’t know what to say for a while.  This kind of result was too unexpected and even now the old housekeeper was not willing to believe it.

“Housekeeper Ye, quickly report it!  How much cultivation can this waste have!”

“That’s right.  Old housekeeper, it’s it just that her cultivation is too low?  Just report it already!”

The people underneath who didn’t know the situation all called out.  They were waiting for the old housekeeper to report the results and continue insulting Ye Yu Xi.

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