Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 188

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Chapter 188: I want to challenge you!

“I have other matters.”  Ye Yu Xi softly said.

The old housekeeper swallowed a mouthful of saliva with difficulty and said in a trembling voice, “Ye, Ye Yu Xi ~ Fourth spiritual level.  Gra, grade, peak!”


After a moment of silence, these words were like a bomb that blew up the entire field, even the audience stands.

Other than the third prince, Mo Tian Chou, and the City Lord’s wife who had normal expressions, everyone else had looks of shock.

What?  Fourth spiritual level?  It’s even the peak of the fourth spiritual level?  Did this old man make a mistake!

Impossible!  Ye Yu Xi must have bought this housekeeper, she can’t have this kind of cultivation!

With this huge psychological contrast, these people began to whisper and discuss.

There were even some who were speculating that Ye Yu Xi had cheated in this test!  The matter of Ye Yu Xi being waste was a matter the entire city had known of!

“Impossible!  There must be a problem with the Spirit Testing Stone!”  Ye Qi Zhi’s eyes popped open with disbelief as he loudly shouted out.  He jumped onto the stage and pointed at Ye Yu Xi as he said, “Ye Yu Xi, I want to challenge you!”

Ye Yu Xi did not even look at Ye Qi Zhi challenging her and looked at the stunned old housekeeper standing there.  She coldly said, “Old housekeeper, can you end the rite of passage’s test yet!”

The old housekeeper gave a difficult nod as he shouted the words “the rite of passage’s test is over”.

Ye Yu Xi nodded and turned to look at Ye Qi Zhi.  Her eyes were as sharp as two swords.

Ye Qi Zhi saw Ye Yu Xi’s eyes and unconsciously took half a step back before shouting, “Ye Yu Xi, I, Ye Qi Zhi challenge you!”

Ye Yu Xi’s lips formed a cold smile she softly spat out two words, “I accept.”


Before Ye Yu Xi’s words fell, her body suddenly moved out.  She moved a meter in front of Ye Qi Zhi and sent out a kick.

Ye Qi Zhi saw a flash in front of his eyes and before he could even react, Ye Yu Xi’s kick had landed on his shoulder.


The sound of bone breaking rang out.

Ye Qi Zhi’s over a hundred pound body flew high up into the air and landed into the crowd.

Ye Yu Xi stood where Ye Qi Zhi had just stood, still maintaining the kicking posture.  It was like she was telling people that their eyes weren’t wrong, it was her sent the kick.  Her feet slowly came to the ground and Ye Yu Xi’s voice coldly rang out, “Is there anyone else that wants to give it a try!”


Complete silence!

The originally noisy crowd instantly became silent.

Ye Qi Zhi was in the fourth spiritual level and the second talent among the Ye Manor’s younger generation.  He actually…..had his arm broken with a single move from this piece of trash?

There were many people who rubbed their eyes and some even slapped themselves before looking forward.  Indeed it was Ye Yu Xi standing on stage, this was real!

The seventh prince and Ye Xing Yong were also shocked.

Ye Xing Yong never would have thought Ye Yu Xi’s cultivation had reached this level.  However it was good that his daughter’s strength was in the high peak fifth spiritual level.  There was a large level between them, there should be no problem for Ye Bing Fan to take care of Ye Yu Xi.

The seventh prince was however worried.  After considering it for a while, he beckoned to a guard that wasn’t far away.  He gave the guard a few orders and the guard went off to prepare.

Ye Yu Xi stood on the stage looking around.  Wherever her gaze went, all the Ye Manor juniors did not dare look at her.  These people had all insulted and laughed at Ye Yu Xi, but right now, their faces was covered in embarrassment.

“Congratulations to young miss Ye for recovering your talent.  This little sister is not talented and asks to exchange a few moves.  I ask for young miss Ye’s teachings!” Ye Bing Fan did a gorgeous turn and landed on the stage.

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