Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 170

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Chapter 170: Found that you became smart


When Huo Ling heard that he would receive herbs for not crying, he very quickly stopped crying.  He jumped out of Ye Yu Xi’s embrace and rubbed his nose with his little white hands, menacingly walking over to his pile of herbs.

He kicked back the chicken bone Long Xiao Pang had thrown at him, holding his little arm as he revealed a look of “I’ve won”.  He said in an overbearing voice, “This dirty bone that doesn’t have any spiritual energy at all, humph, take it back! This treasure is done with it!”

Seeing Huo Ling who had stopped crying in the blink of an eye and was currently standing there looking proud, Ye Yu Xi’s mind fell into chaos…..

Long Xiao Pang blinked his small eyes and looked at the bone at his feet before looking at Huo Ling’s little figure.  He understood the current situation, giving Huo Ling a nod and then saying in a certain voice, “I’ve found that this little dumb bird has become smart!”

Huo Ling raised his head and proudly spoke in his heart: Of course!  This treasure is always this smart! There will be new herbs to eat soon!  La, la, la~~~

Huo Ling happily sat on the pile of herbs with a proud look on his face.

Ye Yu Xi watched her little nemesis…..She silently exited the chaotic space.

When Ye Yu Xi appeared in the house, she heard Qing’er’s voice coming from outside.

“What are you kneeling for, quickly get up!”

Ye Yu Xi knit her brows, knowing that there was something happening in her heart!

Opening the door, she saw Shi Qing kneeling on the ground.

Dong, dong, dong!

When Shi Qing saw Ye Yu Xi come out, he kowtowed three times as he begged, “I ask the young miss to save my little sister!  Shi Qing will be cow or horse, not afraid of ten thousand deaths!”

Dong, dong, dong, another three kowtows.

Ye Yu Xi coldly watched everything.  Seeing that Shi Qing said nothing else, she finally asked, “Helping you save someone?”

Shi Qing nodded.  His eyes were a bit red as he anxiously said, “My little sister is locked up in the Jia Manor, I ask the young miss to save her!”

Ye Yu Xi looked over the fatty and the others before returning back to Shi Qing.  She slowly said, “Your strength compared to your age is not considered low, so why is your little sister locked up in the Jia Manor?”

“My little sister and I are beggars.  There was a time other beggars bullied my little sister, so I beat them up and was seen by the Jia Manor’s young master Jia.  He bought some food for us and my little sister and I didn’t think much of it. We thought that we met a good person, but who would have thought that young master Jia would say that he bought that food for us and that there was precious spirit beast meat inside, so he wanted us to pay ten thousand gold coins.”  Shi Qing clearly told them the past.

Ye Yu Xi heard this and her brows knit.  This young master Jia, clearly wanted to take in these Shi siblings at that time!  Perhaps those other beggars were also sent by young master Jia. She said to Shi Qing, continue.”

Shi Qing’s face flashed with a deep grievance, “We couldn’t take out the money, so young master Jia said we needed to do things for him instead.  In order to ensure I didn’t run away, he locked my little sister in the Jia Manor. He gave me a cultivation technique and had me cultivate. When my strength reached the third spiritual level, young master Jia had me enter the life and death duel in the arena to earn money for him.  He said that he would release my little sister after I earned ten thousand gold coins. Young miss, please save my little sister!”

“Stand up.”  Ye Yu Xi softly said.

The sharp eyed fatty on the side kicked Shi Qing from behind, “The boss has agreed, why haven’t you thanked her yet.

“Thank you young miss.”  Shi Qing kowtowed again before standing up.

“Ye Wen, what’s the situation with the Jia Manor?”  Ye Yu Xi looked over at Ye Wen. After coming back, Ye Wen was responsible for the Dragon Snake Gang, so collecting information was mainly Ye Wen’s job.

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