Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 163

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Chapter 163: Good seedling?

“Keep paying attention to the people in the Ye Manor, be sure to protect yourself and don’t let them discover you.”  Ye Yu Xi who couldn’t think it through stopped thinking about it. It was enough to know that this person was helping her, as for why, she had to wait for the other side.

Ye Wen nodded, “Young miss, I’ll be going first.”

“Wait a minute!”  Ye Yu Xi stopped Ye Wen who just walked to the door, “Go and contact Dragon Snake Gang’s Chang Lin, have him send more people to watch every movement of the Ye Manor.  Also have him send people to the City Lord’s Palace’s side. Go.”

After Ye Wen Left, Ye Yu Xi ate a simple meal before cultivating all night in the chaotic space.

For the next few days, other than Mo Tian Chou sending people to bring five hundred thousand gold coins over, everything seemed peaceful.  On the fifth day, there was another guest that came to see Ye Yu Xi.

The City Lord’s wife Ye Yu Xi cured before and her old housekeeper came to Ye Yu Xi’s yard.

“Young miss Ye, I couldn’t move for the past few months, so I couldn’t come and see you.  I hope young miss Ye does not mind.” The City Lord’s wife sat in the living room, seating herself close to Ye Yu Xi.

Ye Yu Xi revealed a faint smile, “Madame’s words are too serious.  Why has madame come here today?”

The City Lord’s wife’s arrival was within Ye Yu Xi’s expectation, but it was late by several days.  She thought that the City Lord’s wife would come on the same day as Mo Tian Chou.

“I came today to show my gratitude and to warn young miss Ye.  I heard the City Lord’s concubine, Madame Ji has contracted the Blood Enchantress assassins at the Spiritualist Guild which is bad for the young miss.  The young miss should be careful over the next few days.” The City Lord’s wife revealed a concerned look. From her expression and voice, it didn’t seem false.

“I’ve caused worry for madame, I have my ways to deal with this.  I have something to ask madame, do you have any plans on returning to the City Lord’s Palace?”  Ye Yu Xi looked at the City Lord’s wife with a gaze of deep meaning.

The City Lord’s wife was stunned for a bit.  She was just like Mo Tian Chou a few days ago, after considering it, she tentatively asked, “Does young miss Ye have a way?”

Ye Yu Xi revealed a mysterious smile.  There was a bit of confidence in her voice, “There is no way to discuss this, but there are some things that can’t be avoided, so there is some times madame will have to show yourself.  Madame needs to…..”


The City Lord’s wife and Ye Yu Xi had been discussing for over two hours before she left Ye Yu Xi’s small yard.  The City Lord’s wife had a full smile on her face and her eyes showed that she was very satisfied with what she discussed with Ye Yu Xi.

The City Lord’s wife had just left Ye Yu Xi’s little yard when the fatty quickly ran in.

“Boss, boss!”  The fatty shouted when he came in, as if there was something very important.

Ye Yu Xi had just sat down when she heard the fatty’s voice and her face tightened.  Properly speaking, the fatty and Qing’er needed several more days in Southern City before coming back, so why did he come back today and why was he in such a rush.

“Fatty, what is it?”  Ye Yu Xi stood on the steps and looked at the panting fatty.

The fatty had rushed over and was currently panting.  After taking in several breaths, he said, “Boss, Qing’er and I have found a good seeding in the arena!”

“Good seedling?”  Ye Yu Xi repeated.

“That’s right!  Boss, quickly come with me.  Qing’er will be fighting him soon, you won’t be able to see it if you’re late.”  The fatty’s face was filled with excitement, as if he was saying that person was some kind of genius.

Ye Yu Xi nodded and left the little yard with the fatty, heading towards Southern City.

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