Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 162

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Chapter 162: How did you come back

Ye Yu Xi nodded, “This is fine, it’s been hard on young master Mo.”

Mo Tian Chou put away the pill and cupped his hands to Ye Yu Xi, “Miss Ye, the Primary Martial Auction Hall still have some things to take care off, I’ll leave first.”


Mo Tian Chou and Housekeeper Qiu left Ye Yu Xi’s little yard and sat in their horse carriage.

“Old Qiu, what do you think Ye Yu Xi’s meaning was behind today’s matter.”  Mo Tian Chou held the Purple Thunder Pill in his hand. If this pill had been auctioned in the city, it would be the highest grade pill auctioned in Ningyuan City history!

Housekeeper Qiu kept rubbing his hand.  Although he used his spiritual energy to protect himself, his hand was still purple and red.  He said in a fearful voice, “I don’t know Ye Yu Xi’s meaning, but her strength has at least reached the sixth spiritual level!”

“Oh?”  Mo Tian Chou looked at Housekeeper Qiu.  Housekeeper Qiu had several decades of cultivation experience, he wouldn’t be wrong.  A thought flashed in Mo Tian Chou’s mind, could it be Ye Yu Xi was the alchemist?

Mo Tian Chou had a stomach full of suspicion as he returned to the Primary Martial Auction Hall, planning to discuss their next step with the third prince.

When it was almost night, there was a small situation in Ye Yu Xi’s little yard.

“Young miss, something has happened!”  Ye Wen was wearing a tight fitting training uniform as she stood in front of Ye Yu Xi.

Ye Yu Xi revealed a frown.  She had just told Ye Wen and the others to go find some news, she never thought something would already have happened.  She asked, “Is the Ye Manor moving?”

“It’s related to the Ye Manor.  The Floating Fragrance House matter that night was done by me and big sister Man.”  Ye Wen told the truth.

Ye Yu Xi nodded, she had already guessed this, but she never said it.  When she saved the two of them, the reason why she didn’t kill that Old Bao Zi was one, because it was too dirty for her hands and two, she left it for Ye Wen and Ye Man to do personally.

Ye Wen then said, “After big sister Man and I left the Floating Fragrance House, we tried to assassinate Ye Xing Yong and the seventh prince on the street.”

“Un?”  There was a strange look in Ye Yu Xi’s eyes!  When she saw that Ye Man was injured that night, Ye Yu Xi didn’t ask about it.  She thought that since it was their first time killing someone, they were injured because they were nervous, but it seemed like it was something else.

Thinking of this, Ye Yu Xi’s voice became much colder, “Ye Xing Yong injured big sister Man?”

Ye Wen shook her head, “I used my movement technique to stop Ye Xing Yong and big sister Man went to assassinate the seventh prince in the carriage, but there was suddenly a young girl and an old man who used fire that came out.  That old man was very powerful, just a single move was enough to injure big sister man.”

A single move?

Ye Yu Xi’s heart was surprised.  Although Ye Man’s cultivation was not high, she was clear on Ye Man’s strength!  A normal cultivator in the fifth spiritual level wouldn’t be able to defeat big sister Man.  For a person to injure her in one move, the other side had to at least be in the peak sixth spiritual level or the seventh spiritual level!

“I’ve found that the girl and the old man have been living in the Ye Manor.  After investigating, I’ve found that they were people from the Mingyue Sect and that there are rumours that they will attend the Ye Manor’s rite of passage.  Young miss, we…..” Ye Wen spoke of what she had found.

Ye Yu Xi suddenly looked at Ye Wen in a serious manner, “How did you come back that night!”

“That.  There was a black clothed man who appeared and saved us.  It happened so fast that we couldn’t see it clearly.” Ye Wen honestly answered.

There was someone helping her side!  The Primary Martial’s people? No, although they had a bit of strength, they didn’t have enough strength to suppress a seventh spiritual level expert in one move.  Then Bai Jin Yi…..But, Bai Jin Yi in her memories always wore a white robe. To change clothes to save someone, that did not seem like something Bai Jin Yi would do.

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