Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 153

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Chapter 153: I’m not interested in you, scram!

The elders were stunned for a while.  Ninth spiritual level! The legendary ninth spiritual level!  There was actually this kind of expert hidden in Ningyuan City!

“You’re still not moving!”  Li Fei Zhang looked at the elders and his heart was filled with anxiety.  His mental energy had been discovered and attacked by the other side’s mental energy, causing him internal injuries.  No matter what, the Blood Enchantress group couldn’t be offended!

Ye Yu Xi in the main hall was stunned for a bit, but the mysterious energy surrounding her quickly disappeared.

“Boss, what is it?”  The fatty was behind Ye Yu Xi, whispering to her.

Ye Yu Xi did not say anything and led them to the mission table.

Since Ye Yu Xi’s group entered, the cultivators in the main hall all looked at them.  When they saw the pattern on the mysterious people’s cloaks, they were all too frightened to say a word!

“Shh, they seem to be Blood Enchantress!”

“Move back, move back.  They are an assassin group, don’t offend them!”

Although most people were respectful and moved away, there were still people who were blind and liked to take the limelight!

“You are the bullshit assassins group?  Take off your cloaks, let this master see what you look like!”  An ugly looking large man with a blade on his shoulder was standing at the door to the mission table!

Ye Yu Xi and the others stopped.

Ye Yu Xi’s eyes under the cloak did not reveal any expressions, like she was looking at a dead person.  She changed her voice so that people couldn’t tell if she was a man or woman. She said in a hoarse voice, “I’m not interested in you, scram!”

“Ya~~You’re this wild with father!  Let me tell you, father is unparalleled in Southern City and have just created the Giant Stone Mercenaries today.  I’ll be using your Blood Enchantress group to open everyone’s eyes today!” The large man said as he took the blade from his shoulder.

Ye Yu Xi tilted her head and said to the fatty behind her, “Three moves.”

“Hei, hei.”  The fatty under the cloak let out two ear piercing laughs, stretching out his wrist.

The large man pointed at Ye Yu Xi in front, “Stop acting mysterious for father, do you believe father will kill you in a single slash…..”

When the large man was speaking these tough words, the fatty suddenly shot out!

He turned into a black shadow, sending out a ruthless kick.  It slammed down onto the large man’s leg and snapped it with a single kick!

The fatty slowly returned behind Ye Yu Xi like nothing happened, standing in his original spot without a word.

The people in the main hall all gasped…..A single move!

If it wasn’t for the fact the Spiritualist Guild didn’t allow murder, the fatty would have killed this blind person in a single kick.


That large man fell to the ground and the blade in his hand was thrown to the side.  He laid there in a pitiful manner, but he still kept cursing, “Do you know who I am. Harming me, the arena will not let you off!  Ah~~”

Ye Yu Xi sent out a lightning fast kick, sending the man on the ground to the side.  Without even turning back, she coldly spat out, “Scram.”

This word from Ye Yu Xi had no warmth at all, it was incredibly cold.  It seemed like it was said to the pitiful man on the ground, but it was actually said to the people who still had thoughts for them in the main hall!

For a while, half the Spiritualist Guild became quiet as they silently watched Ye Yu Xi’s group.

Ye Yu Xi saw that there were dozens on missions under the Blood Enchantress board.  After picking out a few requests, she led the fatty and others to leave without a single word.

They came in a lowkey manner, but when they left, everyone looked at them with a deep fear in their eyes!

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