Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 152

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Chapter 152: Mental energy, ninth level expert!

All the surrounding pedestrians pointed at this group of people.

“Look, this group of people are so strange.  It’s this hot and they’re still covered in cloaks.”

“Shh!  Don’t speak.  There’s been many strange things in the city lately, the Floating Fragrance House was destroyed yesterday!”

“Look at those people, they’re heading for the Spiritualist Guild!”

The mysterious person among them was naturally Ye Yu Xi.  After an entire three months, the Blood Enchantress had finally appeared in the Spiritualist Guild.  This was the only assassin mercenary group in Ningyuan City and even the Ice Mist Country, it was certain people would pay attention to them.

Ye Yu Xi’s group did not say a word and walked into the Spiritualist Guild.  With their mysterious killing intent, the people inside all unconsciously moved aside for them.

“Elders, elders, they’re here, that group of people are here!”  A Spiritualist Guild guard that saw them quickly ran to the second floor and disturbed the elders’ cultivation.

“Noisy!  Elder Li is still cultivating!  Acting this crazy, what is going on!  Who came, speak clearly!” A Spiritualist Guild elder opened his eyes and angrily shouted at the guard who came to report.

The guard quickly explained, “Elders, it’s that assassin mercenary group!  They’re here and are currently in the main hall!”

The elders were surprised, but that Elder Li was still calm.

The various elders looked at Elder Li with questioning gazes.  That Elder Li was named Li Fei Zhang, he was the deacon of the Ice Mist Country Spiritualist Guild branch.  He came this time to investigate the Blood Enchantress assassin group. He was someone in the eighth spiritual level!

“Don’t panic, this old man will use my mental energy to investigate them.  If they are just a group of weaklings that applied since they were bored, don’t worry about them and let them cause trouble.”  Li Fei Zhang’s expression did not change. He secretly cycled his energy and gathered his mental energy in the main hall.

When the elders heard the words “mental energy”, they all revealed looks of respect.  Mental energy, this was a kind of energy someone could use only after reaching the eighth spiritual level!  The eighth spiritual level was a height that these people could only dream of reaching in their lives.

Ye Yu Xi who had entered the hall and hadn’t reached the mission table yet suddenly stopped moving.  She could feel a kind of mysterious energy surrounding her and raised her vigilance.

When Ye Yu Xi stopped, Qing’er, the fatty, and the others naturally all stopped.

Bai Jin Yi was the last one to come in and when he walked into the main hall, he could feel the thin mental energy coming from the second floor.  His eyes turned into dual pupils under his cloak and he gave a soft cough that didn’t attract any attention.

If there was a ninth spiritual level expert present to see Bai Jin Yi’s cough, they would certainly be shocked.  This was because with this cough, there were golden ripples that normal people couldn’t see coming from Bai Jin Yi’s body!

Among the elders on the second floor.


Li Fei Zhang suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood and his face turned pale.  Even his sitting body suddenly collapsed to the ground.

“Elder Li.”


The Spiritualist Guild elders all revealed shocked expressions.  Deacon Li who had a high cultivation in the eighth spiritual level had actually been heavily injured!

“Send an order to all of the Spiritualist Guild.  No one is allowed to provoke any members of Blood Enchantress.”  Li Fei Zhang’s back was already covered in a cold sweat.

“Deacon Li, this is?”

Li Fei Zhang activated his energy to calm his internal energy and he struggled to say, “Quickly send this information to the royal capital headquarters as fast as possible.  There is a ninth spiritual level expert in Blood Enchantress, they cannot be underestimated!”

Ninth spiritual level expert!

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