Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 983

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Chapter 983: The more realistic, the better

Empress Dowager Zhou was faced with this evidence and witness, and although she didn’t believe that her daughter would do this, she couldn’t think of anything to refute with.

“Emperor, this widow wants to see An Le.  I want to personally question her on this matter.”

Mo Chuan immediately rejected her, “An Le has poisoned the empress, your son has already sent her to be placed on death row.  If empress cannot pull through, I ask mother to forgive your son for being heartless, but your son wants her life to repay this life.”


Empress Dowager Zhou was so stunned that she almost couldn’t stand firmly as she glared at Mo Chuan.  She said in a voice of disbelief, “You….Say that again? You want to kill An Le? How can you be this ruthless, she is your blood related little sister!”

“Mother, the one lying on the bed is her royal sister in law, yet she could ruthlessly harm her, why can’t your son kill her?  Not to mention that she sent the poisonous snake into the palace in a gift! If it wasn’t for the empress opening the box for your son, the one lying on the bed would be your son!  Mother, if it was your son who was poisoned, would you still say this matter is unrelated to An Le? Would you still beg for forgiveness for An Le?”

Mo Chuan’s questioning made Empress Dowager Zhou speechless.

He wanted this play to be as realistic as possible.  Only by making Empress Dowager Zhou believe it could the later plans be effectively carried out.

“Mother, your son still has a request.”

“What is it?”

“Doctor Zhang said that the empress’ poison is very strange and there is no medicine in the palace that can cure her, but perhaps the ministers of the court might have a herb that is effective in curing poison.  Your son wants to ask mother to write a decree to have them bring medicines into the palace. As long as it can cure the empress’ poison, your son will heavily reward them! If the empress can really be saved because of this, your son will spare An Le’s life.”

Empress Dowager Zhou’s eyes instantly lit up.

“Emperor, you’re telling the truth?  If it can save the empress, you will really let An Le off?”

“Mother, your son is the ruler of a country, my word is like gold.  Could it be that mother is afraid your son will go back on his words?”

“Good.  This widow will immediately head back to write the decree.  Su Jin, you stay here and help this widow look after the empress.  If anything happens, immediately send someone to inform this widow.”  Empress Dowager Zhou thought about it before speaking.

“Yes, Empress Dowager.”  Su Jin was worried about Chen Ning, so she wanted to stay.

“No need.  Aunt Su Jin, you should return to the palace with mother, this one does not want anyone to disturb the empress.”  Mo Chuan’s face was as calm as water.

It wasn’t that he didn’t trust Su Jin, but it was better for there to be less people who knew the truth of this matter.

Empress Dowager Zhou touched a soft spot and she looked a bit awkward.

“Alright, since it’s like this, this widow will go back to write the decree.  Emperor, the empress is this young, she will certainly be blessed by the heavens, so you don’t need to be too worried.  You also have to take care of yourself.” She looked at her son’s bloodshot eyes and she couldn’t stop her heart from aching.

“Your son thanks mother for your concern and wishes mother farewell.”  Mo Chuan sent her off according to customs, but his face was a bit off.

Empress Dowager Zhou gave a somewhat helpless sigh as she left the Guan Yu Palace being supported by Su Jin.

She could tell that her son was a bit dissatisfied with her because she had cared too much about her daughter, clearly being a bit indifferent to the empress.  However, her son and daughter were flesh that came from her, how could she treat her daughter and daughter in law equally?

After Empress Dowager Zhou left, Mo Chuan turned to doctor Zhang to say, “Many thanks for helping with this one and the empress’ play.  To have to lie to mother, it’s been hard on you.”

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