Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 962

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Chapter 962: Gift for you guys

When this voice fell, Chu Shao Yang in a purple robe came through the door in a spirited manner.

Seeing the three people angrily glaring at him in the room, he provoking raised his brows and gave two sighs.

“A pity, a pity.  If it wasn’t for this old man Zhang ruining this matter, there would be three people dead in this room.”

His eyes fell onto the sleeping Chu Shao Bai and his lips slightly curled into a taunting smile.

“Shao Bai, ah Shao Bai, you are my blood related little brother, but you betrayed and lied to me for a girl.  Do you think that I, Chu Shao Yang am the same fool that you could lie to and trick like before? He, he, you’re looking down on me too much.  You actually used your pain for her. You wanted to trick the antidote from me, but you never thought that there would be an oriole behind the mantis, right?  You never would have dreamed that you used your blood to bring a poisoned ginseng soup into the palace, right? Ai, it really is a pity that my good plan was seen through like this.”

His words almost made Ye Ting Xuan’s lungs explode with rage.

“Chu Shao Yang, are you even human!  You even use your blood related brother for your plans.  Do you even know that he almost died?” He pointed at Chu Shao Yang as he spoke with gritted teeth.

“If he really did die, that was his own decision.  It isn’t related to me at all.”

Chu Shao Yang looked up without any expressions and coldly said, “He clearly could have dodged that stab, but he chose not to dodge it.  I want to save him, but he seeked his own death to send the life saving medicine into the palace. I, Chu Shao Yang haven’t let him down, it’s he who has let me down.”

“Life saving medicine?  This medicine is clearly poisoned!”  Ye Ting Xuan shouted.

“That’s right, I did put poison in the medicine, but so what?  I just wanted to test him, but he disappointed me too much. He really was lying to me, then why should I care  about his life? He, he, husband Ye, you insult me as not being human, but do you know that I was forced to this point by them!”

Mo Chuan coldly said, “Chu Shao Yang, this one does not want to kill you now, but if you don’t leave, don’t blame this one for not caring about the fact that you are the previous emperor’s son!”

Chu Shao Yang didn’t care as he gave a provoking smile and said, “Since I dare come into the palace, naturally I plan on heading back alive.  I just want to see her since I heard you say she is about to die. I’ve said it before, I want to personally see her die in your embrace, I want to see your face filled with pain and despair.  Ze, ze, emperor, it doesn’t seem like you are that hurt. Could it be you are planning to die with her?”

Mo Chuan fiercely grinded his teeth.  The vein on his forehead popped out and he wanted to slap that evil smile off of Chu Shao Yang’s face.

“That’s right, emperor, today is Ning’er and your wedding, this king seemed to have forgotten to give you a gift.  No matter what, she used to be this king’s princess, how could I be this petty that I don’t even give a gift? This thing is for you guys.”

He flicked his hand and a thing flew at Mo Chuan.

Mo Chuan was filled with annoyance and he didn’t want to take his present.  He raised his right hand and sending out a palm, the thing was swept onto the ground.

“Ah, thousand year old snow ginseng!”

The thing wrapped in red silk spilled out and Ye Ting Xuan instantly called out in shock when he saw it.

Thousand year old snow ginseng?!

Mo Chuan looked over in disbelief.  When he saw the thing on the ground, he saw that it was a ginseng like thing that was half a foot long.

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