Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 961

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Chapter 961: Two birds one stone

“It’s over there.”  Ye Ting Xuan pointed at the bowl of medicine on the table.

Doctor Zhang was filled with shock and surprise.  He quickly walked over to the table and picked up the bowl of medicine, carefully looking over it.

He had only heard of the thousand year old snow ginseng in rumours before and had never seen the real thing.  He was filled with excitement and his hands started to shake slightly.

“Doctor Zhang, you have to be careful.  This is life saving medicine, if it were to spill…..”  Ye Ting Xuan quickly reminded him.

Doctor Zhang nodded.  Of course he knew how precious this medicine was.  He looked over the soup that was white in colour and gave off a rich ginseng scent.

“Strange, this ginseng soup seems a bit strange.”

He suddenly knit his brows.  He smelled the scent of ginseng, but it seemed to have something else to it that was being covered up by the scent of ginseng.

“What is wrong?  This was personally brought over by Shao Bai, this one believes that there is definitely nothing wrong with this ginseng soup.”

Mo Chuan looked down at the unconscious Chu Shao Bai and his heart filled with gratitude.  Chu Shao Bai risked his life to bring this medicine over, how could it be fake?

Doctor Zhang didn’t say anything.  His right hand shook and some ginseng soup spilled out.

“Doctor Zhang, what are you doing!”  Ye Ting Xuan was shocked and came forward to take the bowl from his hand.

There was a “chi” sound as the drop of soup hit the firm golden tiled floor.

Mo Chuan and Ye Ting Xuan saw it at the same time.  They saw a small hole being formed on the ground where the drop of ginseng soup fell and the two were instantly shocked.

“Emperor, this, this, this ginseng soup is poisoned……”  Ye Ting Xuan had a look of astonishment as his voice trembled.

Mo Chaun’s face fell.  He stared at the bowl of ginseng soup and his eyes filled with disbelief.

The ginseng soup sent by Chu Shao Bai actually had bone melting corrosive poison?  How was that possible?

“Test it.”

Mo Chuan said in a deep voice.

Doctor Zhang nodded.  He placed the bowl onto the table and took out a brocaded box from his medical bag with poison testing silver needles used by the royal family.

He took a silver needle and placed it into the ginseng soup.  In an instant, the bright shining silver needle turned jet black.

“It really, it really is poisoned!” Ye Ting Xuan’s voice trembled.

If it wasn’t for doctor Zhang noticing the ginseng soup had poison, the emperor would have fed it to the empress already.

But why was the ginseng soup poisoned?

“Emperor, this poison……it wasn’t placed by Ting Xuan and…..is unrelated to me.”  He remembered that he had handed the ginseng soup to Mo Chuan, so the emperor must suspect him.

“This one knows it is unrelated to you.  This poison…..has been in the soup for a long time.”

A sharp and cold look appeared in Mo Chuan’s eyes, but his heart was even colder than his gaze.

Chu Shao Yang, such an evil heart!

He actually used Shao Bai to send a bowl of poisoned ginseng soup!

If it wasn’t for doctor Zhang noticing the poison in the ginseng soup, Ning’er would have already lost her life and Chu Shao Bai would have been wrongly implicated!

Such an evil two bird one stone plan!

“Chu, Shao, Yang!”  Mo Chuan spat out these three words through his gritted teeth.

Ye Ting Xuan trembled as he muttered in disbelief, “Emperor, you mean that this poison was placed by Chu Shao Yang?  He…..Why must he be so ruthless? He…..even lied to his little brother and used him…..Is he still even human?”

As if replying to his questions, there was a clear voice that suddenly sounded outside the room.

“Husband Ye is correct, I, Chu Shao Yang am indeed not human.  However, I was also helplessly forced into this.”

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