Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 949

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Chapter 949: Who is greedier

“No!  I definitely will not agree!”  Mo Chuan firmly replied, “Chu Shao Yang, you want the jade seal, I’ll give it to you!  You want the throne, I’ll give it to you! Even if you want my life, I can give it to you without any hesitation.  You can take everything that I haven, but you can’t take her!”

Chu Shao Yang gave a cold laugh, “But don’t forget that you are begging me.  If I don’t save her, she can only die!”

Hearing this, Chu Shao Bai couldn’t take it anymore.

He also kneeled down in front of Chu Shao Yang and looked at him with tear filled eyes.

“Third brother, I have never begged for anything from you in my life.  I will only beg for one thing from you, please save Ning’er! The emperor has already given the throne to you, don’t you want the throne the most?  You can’t be too greedy……”

Chu Shao Yang coldly cut him off, “Me being greedy?  The greedy one is clearly Chu Mo Chuan! He has already stolen my throne, but that isn’t enough, he even takes my beloved girl from me.  He shames me, ridicules me, looks down on me! I’m just taking back everything he has stolen from me right now! If we have to talk about greed, is there anyone greedier than him, Chu Mo Chuan?”

Chu Shao Bai was speechless from his questions.

Chu Shao Bai knew that everything Chu Shao Yang said was sophistry, but he couldn’t refute him at all.

“Chu Mo Chuan, I, Chu Shao Yang keep my word.  As long as you write the decree, I will immediately take out the snow ginseng to save Ning’er’s life.  You can be assured, I will not go back on my word. Even if I Chu Shao Yang am ruthless, I can’t watch my woman die.”  Chu Shao Yang looked at Mo Chuan and his lips were curled into a playful smile.

He was in control, Mo Chuan had to agree to his condition.

This was because he had no other choice!

But what he didn’t expect was that while Mo Chuan was bowing in front of him, he firmly shook his head and spat out a single word.


Chu Shao Yang’s smile froze and he looked at him in disbelief, “What did you say?  Do you know the consequence of you not agreeing, she will die! Don’t you love Ning’er?  Could it be you can bear seeing her die? Returning her to me, you won’t suffer any loss.  She belonged to me already and I will save her. Even if you can’t obtain her, you can still see her!  Didn’t you say that you understood love? This is your method of loving her? In the end, you are just selfish.  You don’t love her at all, you are not worthy of her!”

Mo Chuan looked right into his eyes and said word for word, “Chu Shao Yang, the one who doesn’t understand love is you!  You still won’t come to your senses even now! I can’t agree to your condition because I have always respected her decision.  I know that she would rather die than return to your side to be imprisoned! So I definitely can’t give her to you. You can take everything I have and I’m willing to exchange everything for the life saving snow ginseng, but only her is impossible!  She is not an object, not a bargaining chip, she is a person!”

He heavily said this word for word, his voice ringing out.

Chu Shao Bai almost wanted to cheer for his words.  He looked at Mo Chuan with a gaze of worship and respect, this was the emperor he admired.  Third brother…..he could never compare!

Ning’er didn’t choose the wrong person!

“He, he, it really is beautiful and moving!  Chu Mo Chuan, your words are truly good. Was Ning’er tricked by your flowery words?”

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