Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 948

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Chapter 948: Marry her to me

“Chu Mo Chuan, I’m asking you one last time, will you kneel or not!”  Chu Shao Yang smiled as he confidently looked at Mo Chuan.

He hated him!

The more he hated him, the more he wanted him to painfully beg for mercy under his claws.

Mo Chuan’s fingers began to crack and his eyes had a gaze of death.

He knew that Chu Shao Yang was venting his anger, but hearing him angrily curse her to death like this, he was so angry that he wanted to break his teeth with a single punch!  But, he knew that Chu Shao Yang was telling the truth. If he couldn’t obtain the snow ginseng, she would die and he would lose her forever!

“Alright!  I’ll kneel for you now!  Chu Shao Yang, I hope that you will keep your word!  Take out the snow ginseng and save her life!”

Mo Chuan already made his choice as he spoke in a loud voice.

“Emperor!”  Chu Shao Bai loudly shouted.  The sword in his hand fell to the ground and his hands were violently trembling.  He couldn’t help closing his eyes, he couldn’t watch this scene.

His chest was filled with rage.  Seeing Chu Shao Yang humiliate the emperor like this, he really wanted to stab Chu Shao Yang through the heart.  However, he knew that Chu Shao Yang had a hard temper and he didn’t fear threats at all, not even fearing death. As long as he can torture his enemies, he could give up everything!

He hated his powerlessness, unable to stop the wild actions of his third brother.

Mo Chuan closed his eyes before opening them again.  Without a bit of hesitation, his legs bent and he kneeled down to Chu Shao Yang.

Chu Shao Bai heard the soft sound of his knees touching the ground and his body violently trembled.  He closed his eyes even more tightly, he didn’t want to see the emperor being shamed by his third brother like this at all.

“Chu Mo Chuan, ah Chu Mo Chuan, did you even think that there would be a day when you were kneeling in front of me, Chu Shao Yang!”

Chu Shao Yang’s body was straight as he stood in front of Mo Chuan.  His chin was raised high up and he looked down at Mo Chuan.

His chest was filled with happiness and excitement from taking his revenge, he had never been this happy and excited in his life before.

“Say it, beg me, loudly beg me!”  He looked at Mo Chuan without any expressions, speaking in a cold voice.

Only kneeling?  Not enough, it was far from being enough!  The more he tortured his enemy, he happier he would be.

Mo Chuan’s face was already white without any blood and his dark eyes were brightly shining.  He was born with pride and he had never lowered his head to beg anyone. Even if it was his own life, he would never lower his head to anyone.

But to let her live, what did this shame and torture count for?

Even if Chu Shao Yang wanted his life, he would not hesitate to give it to him!

“Chu Shao Yang, I beg you!  I beg you to raise your noble hand and save her!”  He loudly said.

Hearing his words, Chu Shao Bai’s tightly closed eyes couldn’t help letting out tears.  His entire body was trembling and his heart was filled with hate, hatred for his third brother and hatred for himself!

Chu Shao Yang laughed into the sky again.  When he finished, he looked down and reached out a finger with a smile.

“Very good, but I still have another condition.  As long as you agree to it, I will save her.”

“What condition?”  Mo Chuan’s pupils shrank and his teeth tightly gritted.

Chu Shao Yang looked into his eyes and said word for word, “I want you to write another decree to marry your new empress to me, have her become my, Chu Shao Yang’s Ding Yuan Princess!”

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