Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 933

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Chapter 933: Not this snake

As long as he was with her, he would be a real person.  He turned from a walking corpse into a real living and breathing person.

He could be happy, could smile, could be hurt, and could cry.

For the first time, he learned that a girl’s lips could be this sweet, her body could be this soft, and his heart would beat in excitement when he held her.

For the first time, when he saw that his beloved wouldn’t open her eyes anymore, he wanted to cry out in pain just like a little child.

He only knew now that what he feared the most in this world were not snakes, but rather losing this person he loved the most!

“Ning’er, you promised me that you would be with me until we were old.  You promised me that you would never leave me even if you were cut into pieces.  Could it be you’re going against your promise? I’m telling you that I don’t allow it, I don’t!  If you dare go against your promise, I will trap you for an entire life. In the next life and the life following that, I will follow you forever and you will never escape from me!”

Mo Chuan pressed his forehead against hers, touching their noses together.  His tears fell onto her face and slid down her cheek.

He cried without a sound and this silent crying was even more heartbreaking than outright sobbing.

The Eldest Princess watched this scene from the door and she broke out in tears.

She hated herself to death, why did she have to send that snake into the palace.  She really didn’t do it on purpose, she clearly had people take out its fangs, so why did it harm Ning’er!

Ye Ting Xuan’s eyes went around the corners, looking very carefully, not missing a single place.

Suddenly his pupils narrowed as he saw the unmoving snake body on the ground.  There was blood all over the floor as the snake body had been separated from the head, with a candlestick covered in blood beside it.

That black snake with white spots was like a belt, standing out on the golden floor.

Ye Ting Xuan slowly walked over.  He bent over to examine the snake’s body for a while before standing up to find where the snake head fell.

He found a fierce looking triangular shaped snake head in the corner and there was blood on the snake’s fang.  Just a single look made his chest stuff up and his head become dizzy, almost making him vomit.

But he forced it down and took out a handkerchief from his sleeve, wrapping up the snake head.  He returned to the snake body and placed it into the box, before bringing the box in front of the Eldest Princess.

The Eldest Princess looked at him with doubt, not understanding what he was doing.

Ye Ting Xuan was silent as he slowly opened the box.

Seeing the snake divided in half, the Eldest Princess let out a shocked gasp.  Her eyes opened wide and she forcefully shook her head.

“Not this snake, not this one!  The one I placed was a pure black python and I personally witnessed its teeth being taken out.  It’s true, Ting Xuan, you believe me, you believe me! The one I placed in this box really wasn’t this snake!”

She was filled with fear and her body was trembling, as her mind buzzed.  Seeing the blood on the snake’s fangs, her vision began turning black.

This black snake with white spots bit Ning’er, but this snake wasn’t the one she placed in at all!

Just what was going on!

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